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How to choose the right student accommodation

Securing admission into one's dream study abroad destination is a cause of immense happiness. However, the process doesn't end there. A range of post application process holds prominence in the overseas education process. Out of the range of post application processes one undertakes, selecting student accommodation is of immense significance.

Selecting a place to live can be a daunting experience, however, if one is organized and meticulously plans the process, finding student accommodation will become easier. Below given are a few tips that will enable you to pick the right student accommodation, while attaining overseas education.


Do your research

Do your research work; make a timetable that will enable you to follow accommodation deadlines. Finding the perfect accommodation is difficult, but one that satisfies most of the needs should be looked into. Visit Open Days if possible, this will enable you to physically take inspections of the house and make a sound decision. Analyze the accommodation's proximity to transportation facilities, which will be a determining factor in your decision. Don't panic and undertake rash decisions, there are enough accommodations to go around. Go through social networking sites and interact with people who study abroad in order to make an informed decision. Check the surrounding areas to understand the levels of safety, restaurants and other amenities offered. Tenant- amenities ratio, fire safety, proximity to university are important decision makers.

Types of accommodation

Majority of students who study abroad live in university halls, which are accommodation facilities managed by universities. They are great mediums through which students can socialize with each other. Located at convenient locations, one can receive assistance from universities. Although convenient, they can be on the pricey side. Furthermore, students may also live in private student halls, which are student living complexes with modern amenities. Situated at prominent locations, it enables students to develop their networking skills. Relatively expensive, they have certain services that not all may use. Moreover, some students may live with relatives or families, which eliminates all kinds of hassles and is comparatively cheaper. However, the only drawback it posses is that it may take the individual away from the student life.

Budget Considerations

Governments as well as businesses offer financial assistance to students looking for accommodation whilst on their endeavor of education abroad. Although one would love to live a luxurious life, budget considerations become paramount. While making decisions on whether to live alone or with family, students often pick that which is economical in nature.

Factors to consider

Understand the amenities offered in the facility and make sure they are in tandem with your living style. If you can choose who you can live with, considerations between strangers and friends should be made after weighing in the benefits and drawbacks. Make sure the housing is convenient and centrally located which will help curb your transportation costs during overseas education.

Post selection

Upon receiving the offer letter, one must immediately begin looking for accommodation. Read the contract thoroughly before signing it. Make sure the accommodation complies with any special requirements you may have. Interact with university officials who can provide you with necessary information, their recommendations are of immense significance.

No matter how silly, ask any questions you have in mind this will enable you to solve any doubts that you may have before you select an accommodation to study abroad.


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