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Guide to Study Nursing in Canada

December 2022

It is advantageous for international students to study in Canada for a variety of reasons, including the high calibre of its educational institutions, the excellent living environment, the availability of financial aid, and even the potential for immigration. Canada is one of the top countries to study nursing at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Canada has a significant need for doctors and nurses, in part because of the country's expanding healthcare system and the increased need for several ancillary services like caretakers and at-home healthcare. For those who wish to enrol in nursing programmes in Canada, there are wonderful possibilities.

Guide to Study Nursing in Canada

Why study Nursing in Canada?

Numerous benefits exist for studying nursing in Canada. Among the significant ones are:

  1. Thanks to prestigious Canadian colleges and the government, aspirants may count on state-of-the-art medical facilities and a cutting-edge educational system.
  2. In recent years, nursing has become one of the most profitable professions in Canada, opening up work chances with top private and public medical organisations.
  3. In addition to receiving a theoretical education, students at Canadian universities—which are recognised worldwide for their nursing and allied programs-are exposed to hands-on and practical training.
  4. Deserving students can choose from a variety of grants and financial assistance programmes while enrolling in nursing courses in Canada. Another benefit for applicants from outside is that Canadian nursing degrees are recognised and accepted worldwide.

Eligibility Benchmarks to Study Nursing in Canada:

  1. Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and English must be taken as core subjects in the 12th grade in order to enrol in undergraduate nursing studies.
  2. A 4-year undergraduate nursing degree with a year of clinical experience is required for master's nursing programmes (applicable for many universities).
  3. For doctorate programmes, candidates must hold master's degrees in nursing or a closely related field.
  4. IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE scores are crucial.
  5. While many colleges require GRE scores for Master's and PhD programmes, undergraduate applicants may also need to take the CASPer test, a computer-based assessment for personal and behavioural traits.

The Application Process to Study Nursing in Canada:

The application process is rather uncomplicated; you can get started by visiting the official websites of the school you've selected and learning more about the requirements, costs, etc. Once you have identified the universities for which you are qualified, submit your online application by completing the forms and attaching any required documentation. Online application fee payment will enable you to successfully finish the process. Before allowing Indian applicants admittance to nursing programmes in Canada, certain schools may require video interviews.

You may need the following documents:

  1. 12th grade marksheet and other academic transcripts for Bachelor's students
  2. CASPer test score at Bachelor’s level (if needed)
  3. UG marksheet and other academic transcripts for Master's students
  4. RN (registered nursing) license at Master's level (if needed)
  5. Research Paper for PhD programs (if needed)
  6. TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE scores
  7. Letters of Recommendation
  8. Statement of Purpose

Cost of studying Nursing in Canada:

Although typical Bachelor's degree expenses range from CAD 53,000 - 170,000, they mostly rely on university policies. Your expenses for Master's programmes will range from CAD 80,000 to 180,000.

Top Canadian Universities to study Nursing:

Some of the top academic locations in Canada for foreign nursing students include the following highly regarded universities:

  1. McGill University
  2. McMaster University
  3. Queen's University at Kingstown
  4. Stenberg College
  5. The University of New Brunswick
  6. The University of Ottawa
  7. The University of Toronto
  8. University of Alberta
  9. University of British Columbia
  10. Western University

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there a demand for nurses in Canada?

According to various statistics, nurses are in high demand in Canada. Eligible nurses can also receive permanent residency (PR) from the government more readily than professionals in many other industries. There are top nursing schools in Canada, which can lead to profitable professions in the future. At the same time, the expansion of private medical institutions and increasing hiring by public facilities are factors contributing to soaring demand. If you are interested in nursing and helping others, studying in Canada is your best choice for a successful future..

2. What are the opportunities after studying nursing in Canada?

In Canada, there is a huge market for nursing programmes. Professional nurses in Canada typically make approximately CAD 81,152 per year, however salaries can increase with experience. The annual salary for nurses may reach a staggering CAD 118,912. In parallel, there is a huge need for qualified nurses in Canada, and international students can anticipate the highest standards of instruction and learning at universities with a global reputation.

3. Which Canadian nursing programmes are the best?

In Canada, there is never a shortage of possibilities for nursing programmes. Some of the greatest programmes to enrol in are the MS in Nursing at The University of British Columbia (2 years), the Master of Nursing at The University of Toronto (3 years), the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at McGill University, and the Masters in Nursing at The University of Alberta. In addition, a number of other institutions provide comparable courses including the PhD in Nursing, Master of Public Health in Nursing, and BSC and MSc in Nursing.

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Study Nursing in Canada

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