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Fly To The UK After 12th For Your Higher Education (Part 1)

June 2022

The UK is a preferred study overseas destination for international students looking to pursue undergraduate courses. Considering studies in the United Kingdom has generally been a well-known decision for Indian students over the years. The well-known universities in the UK offer a wide assortment of bachelor courses to international students. It is dominating in producing holistically balanced graduates. Indian students wanting to study in UK after their 12th can never hit a dead-end option. Students can opt between multiple courses ranging from social sciences to fashion, arts, engineering, and more. Students pursuing higher education in the UK are welcome to high-quality instruction and globally acknowledged degrees that can help them in moulding a promising profession.

Study Abroad UK After 12th For Your Higher Education

Why United Kingdom after your 12th?

1. Exceptionally Reputed Universities - As reported by the World University Rankings, the United Kingdom is a highly sought-after education destination for students extensively. It is an abode to three of the world's top ten institutions. A British degree is looked upon globally by universities, recruiters, and government officials.

2. Quality Education - The institutions in the United Kingdom are under frequent surveillance to corroborate the maintenance of high-quality education, learning, and teaching. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) ensures academic quality, oversees quality assessment reviews and watches the quality sustainability of institutions in the United Kingdom.

3. Earn and Learn - Some schools and universities allow students to work during their study period. A student can work 20 hours a week as a part-time or internship in the accounting and professional services area, as well as banking, insurance, and retail.

4. Boost your English Language Skills - The UK is the best place to upgrade your English language skills being constantly surrounded by native speakers speaking English daily.

Top Universities to Study in UK for Indian students after 12th

Students aspiring to pursue higher studies in the UK have a lot of alternatives to choosing a university for their undergraduate programs after the 12th. The UK has vivid prestigious universities offering courses tailor-made to cater to the students’ needs.

 Institution’s Name  QS World University Ranking 2022  Tuition Fees per annum
 University of Oxford  2  £27,840 - £39,010
 University of Cambridge  3   £22,000 - 58,000
 Imperial College London  7   £31,000 - £45,300
 University College London  8   £23,300 - £34,100
 University of Edinburgh  16  £23,100 - £32,100
 University of Manchester  27   £24,500 - £48,000
 King’s College London  35   $38,822
 London School of Economics and Political Science  49  £23,330 - £34,584
 University of Warwick  61  £22,280 -£28,410
 University of Bristol  62  £20,100 - £38,000

Top Courses in UK After 12th

When planning on studying in the UK post 12th, one comes across a plethora of options to pick from. Universities in the UK offer over 50,000 courses across profuse fields and specializations. Relative to your stream in 12th, you can pick a program suiting your interests the best.

 No  Stream  Course  Popular programs
 1.                   Arts       Architecture  BA(Hons) Interior Design, BA(Hons)   Architecture,   BSc(Hons) Construction   Management, BEng   Architecture, and   Environmental Engineering
 2.  Graphic Design and Visual Arts  BA(Hons) in Graphic Design, BA(Hons) in   Illustration and Animation, BA(Hons) in   Computer   Character Animation, BSc(Hons) in Product   Design Technology
 3.  Music  BA(Hons) Sound Arts, BEng(Hons) Electronic   Engineering with Music Technology Systems,   BA(Hons) Music Business, BA(Hons) Musical   Theatre
 4.  Psychology  BSc(Hons) Psychology, BSc Psychology, and   Counselling, BSc(Hons) Criminology with   Psychology, BSc(Hons) Business Psychology
 5.  Sociology  BA(Hons) Psychology and Sociology, BSc   Social Work, BSc(Hons) Sociology, BSc(Hons)   Sociology with Media Studies
 6.              Commerce      Business  BSc(Hons) Healthcare Management, BA (Hons) Business and Management, BBA, BA Business & Law
 7.   Economics  BSc(Hons) Economics, BSc(Hons) Mathematics and Economics, BA Economics, BSc Financial Economics
 8.  Finance   BSc(Hons) Accounting and Finance, BA Accounting & Finance, Mathematics with Finance, BSc Financial Management, BSc(Hons) Mathematics for Finance and Management
 9.  Law   LLB Law with Business. LLB Law with Criminology, LLB(Hons)
 10.  Marketing   BA Business (Marketing), BSc(Hons) Marketing with Advertising Management, BA Business Management, BSc Marketing
 11.               Science   Biology  BSc(Hons) Biology, BSc(Hons) Biochemistry, Bachelors Biological Sciences, BSc(Hons)  Microbiology, BSc(Hons) Medical Science
12. Biotechnology BSc(Hons) in Biology and Computer Science, BSc(Hons) in Biosciences, BSc(Hons) in Biotechnology and Microbiology, Bachelor in Bioengineering
13. MBBS MB BChir, MBChB, BSc Medicine, MBBS Medicine, BMBS Medicine
14. Pharmacy Bachelor Pharmacy, BSc(Hons) Pharmaceutical Science, BSc(Hons) Pharmacy

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Study Abroad UK After 12th

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