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Fly To Germany Post 12th to Pursue Your Education

December 2022

One of the most popular destinations for students who are seeking to study abroad in Germany. It is the nation that prioritises offering kid's access to cutting-edge education and professional prospects. Germany is famous around the world for its programmes in vehicle engineering and design. Germany is a fantastic option for students looking to study abroad because of its top-notch educational system, imaginative and research-based environment, positive industrial interaction, and opportunity to interact with individuals from other cultures.

Study in Germany After 12th

But how is studying in Germany after high school for an international student? Are these German qualifications actually recognized? What courses are offered in Germany after the 12th grade? Which universities rank highest? Furthermore, how do I apply?

This blog provides information on how to apply to German universities with the best institutions for each subject as well as the eligibility requirements.

What is the application process to study in Germany after 12th?

First and foremost, all candidates must select the course they wish to enroll in and research which colleges offer that subject. A candidate wishing to pursue education in Germany should be aware that he/she must get a minimum grade point average of 90% in high school since German college admissions are quite tough. Along with writing IELTS and TOFEL, the student must also take the JEE or finish their first year of a Bachelor's degree in their own country.

Best Courses to study in Germany after 12th?

Choosing a course is the first stage in the application process in Germany. Following high school, these are some of the top courses to take in Germany:

  1. Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  2. Art, Music, Design
  3. Economic Sciences, Law
  4. Humanities and Social Sciences
  5. Language and Cultural Studies
  6. Mathematics, Natural Sciences
  7. Medicine, Health Sciences

Applying to a German university after 12th:

You should concentrate on the phase of choosing the colleges once you have chosen your field of study. The best universities in Germany for international students are listed below:
  1. Berlin Institute of Technology
  2. Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen
  3. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  4. RWTH Aachen University
  5. Technical University of Munich
  6. University of Bonn
  7. University of Freiburg

Visit the official website of the university where you wish to apply after selecting the course and the institution. As an alternative, you can use Uni Assist's official website, which serves as a single admission portal for several colleges. In order to streamline the application procedure for international candidates, it is managed by the German Academic Exchange Service.

Criteria to study in Germany after 12th:

The decision to enrol in a course and your college of choice is only the start. After completing high school, you can start looking for universities in Germany, but you must meet the standards. Most institutions offer online applications with an application fee when you apply at the one you've selected.

The prerequisites differ for each and every college and course, so be sure to check them. In some cases, students who wish to enroll in a German institution must take entrance exams or conduct Skype interviews. You must first and foremost be aware of the requirements to study in Germany.

The candidate must be 18 years or above A minimum of 90% marks in relevant subject combination in the 12th grade SAT/ACT Scores range from 400-1600. The absolute minimum varies by course and by the university. The applicant must get the minimum score necessary in the English proficiency test(s) specified by the University of Application.

Documents required to study in Germany after 12th:

You must confirm the availability of the following papers before proceeding with the application procedure after determining your eligibility:

First, you'll need copies of your 10th and 12th grade transcripts.
Second, you will require documentation of your bachelor's degree and your grade record, if you attended.
Thirdly, further bank statements and evidence of cash in the bank.
a record of your IELTS or TOEFL results (these are to check English language proficiency) Statement of purpose (SOP)

You must apply for a student visa to Germany when your application is accepted. Your application for a visa will be assisted by the university.

Make sure your application processes are complete in accordance with the fact that the sessions in Germany are split into two parts: the winter session begins in October and the summer session begins in April. To ensure a smooth application process, we advise submitting your applications two months prior to the deadline.

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Study in Germany for Indian Students After 12th

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