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Study Abroad Guide

Financial aid for International students to study abroad.

May 2021

The study abroad dream requires careful consideration of various factors. One of those crucial factors is finance. To assist students to enroll at their dream universities and programs, universities abroad offer several bursaries, scholarships, and financial aid for international students. Financial aid is available across almost every course at study destinations globally.

There are different kinds of financial aid, especially study abroad scholarships and bursaries, that students can apply for and secure.

How are education abroad scholarships different from bursaries?

A scholarship is an award of financial aid for students to further their education. Study abroad scholarships are awarded to students that reflect the values and purpose of the donor or founder of the award. International students have good chances to secure a good scholarship as various universities abroad have designated scholarships specifically offered to them. Scholarship money is not a loan; hence, it doesn’t require repayment.

A bursary is a monetary award or grant which is awarded to a student on the sole basis of financial need. Bursaries are different from scholarships. While scholarships are solely merit-based, awarded to students for academic achievement, bursaries are financial-need based awards that are awarded to students who need financial assistance to study abroad. These awards also do not have to be repaid.

What are the different kinds of scholarships to study abroad for Indian students?

Scholarships assist those with limited means keeping in mind the end goal to achieve a good education. Scholarships may not always be in the form of financial aid. Scholarships are classified into many forms.

Merit Based Scholarships - Being one of the most common types of scholarships awarded to students who wish to study abroad, Merit-Based Scholarships are usually granted based on academic or athletic achievements, artistic ability, participation in other extra- curricular activities, etc.

Student Specific Scholarships - Student Specific Scholarships are granted to applicants that belong to a particular gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or medical history. Universities offer a variety of minority scholarships abroad that are exclusive to certain qualifications, these differ across study destinations.

Need Based Scholarships - Though education abroad can be a costly matter, there are many students that try to make ends meet to pursue their dream of study abroad. To help such students achieve their dreams, Need-based Scholarships are being offered by universities abroad. Among study abroad scholarships, these are awarded with the sole purpose of assisting students to meet their college expenses. Eligibility is based on the assets and income of the prospective students and their family.

Program / Career Based Scholarships - Program specific scholarships abroad are offered by universities to help students succeed in a specific course or individual program. These scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic profile and personal achievements.
Apart from their types, scholarships can also be further segregated into 3 broad categories.

Indian Scholarship - Scholarships to study abroad for Indian students are introduced to help Indian nationals unlock their full potential and assisting them in the process of doing so. Like need based scholarships, these scholarships are awarded to those students that are extremely talented, but due to lack of finances cannot proceed towards pursuing higher education abroad.

University Scholarship - To reduce the financial strain on students, University Scholarships are awarded by institutions or universities abroad based on their preferences and requirements. These scholarships are largely monetary grants, tuitions fee waivers etc. They are mainly sought after by students, who wish to grow and pursue a specific study area of interest.

International Scholarship - International Scholarships are awarded by a respective host country to assist international students in their study abroad. These scholarships are awarded based on a number of factors, that include but are not limited to Statements of Purpose, experience/expertise in extracurricular that the host country lacks.

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