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FAQs for study in Canada, during Covid-19

June 2021

With the Covid 19 pandemic running its course across the world, aspiring students across the globe are met with turmoil and confusion as new rules and guidelines are introduced to curb the spread of the virus. With countries shutting their borders, students were concerned and sent into a frenzy. With the situation improving, relaxations have been introduced which has brought a sigh of relief for education abroad.

Canada continues to be one of the top study destinations for students to study abroad. Each year, there are a large number of international students who apply to courses abroad in Canada for their further education.

To help students, who have secured admission to universities in Canada and other aspiring students, here are a few FAQs to clear any doubts and confusion.

Colleges in Canada for International Students

1.Can I apply to courses in Canada?

Yes, students may continue to apply to courses in Canada for upcoming intakes. There are restrictions, given how the situation proceeds, students may have to study online for the first few months of their program before travelling to study in Canada.

2.Can I travel to Canada for my study abroad?

Yes, students who have received their Study Permit may travel to Canada. They have to however comply with the rules and regulations with regards to quarantine and vaccination guidelines.

3.Do I need to be vaccinated before I travel to Canada?

There is no clarity on whether students have to mandatorily vaccinated before arriving in Canada, however, we recommend all students to be fully vaccinated before their departure as they may be allowed to skip the quarantine period of 14 days, upon arrival in Canada. These are subject to change based on how the situation progresses.

4.How much of my program can I complete online outside of Canada for it to still count towards a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?

As per the guidelines issued by Universities in Canada, Student can complete the first full year online and travel to Canada to be eligible for their 1-year Post-Graduation Work Permit.

5.Do I need to provide a quarantine plan upon entering Canada?

Yes, students are required to provide a Quarantine Plan, for 14 days, after their arrival in Canada as per College guidelines.

6.I've paid my tuition fees and have begun my studies online. What happens if my visa is rejected?

Given the situation, in most cases, generally, students who face this problem receive a full refund if the visa is rejected. While this is the usual process followed, each College and University has its own refund and deferral process. Students can either contact the college or Edwise to understand their respective policies.

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