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Facts About Study In Ireland

March 2022

Ireland is known as the third-largest island. It is a nation with five million inhabitants. Each region of Ireland has its own culture and dialect. The country is also called as "Land of Saints and Scholars". It is filled with stunning natural beauty. It has a rich history of culture and tradition. Ireland is the homeland of Yeats, Wilde, and Joyce. People in Ireland enjoy mild weather throughout the year. Sometimes they experience all four seasons in one day that is why they always carry an umbrella with them. Here are some facts about Ireland that you don't know about.

Study in Ireland

The first potato was planted in Ireland

Sir Walter Raleigh was the first man who bought the potato crop from America to Ireland. Around 1588, he planted a potato farm near his home in Yochai, County Cork.

The biggest county in Ireland

There are two biggest countries in Ireland. One is County Cork which is around 7457 sq. km and the other is Galway. It is 6148 sq. km.

Its national symbol is a musical instrument

Ireland is the only country in the world that uses a musical instrument as its national symbol. It is said that the harp is an instrument to unite the people of Ireland and bring them joy.

Ireland: The Emerald Isle

Ireland is also known as Emerald Isle because of its greenery. It rains throughout the year in the country. During summer, the climate is warm and wet and in winter it is cold and wet.

Halloween is originated in Ireland

Halloween is derived from an Irish festival named Samhain. This is the reason why so many traditions of Halloween are Irish.

St. Patrick was not Irish

St. Patrick, the most famous Irishman in the world, was born in Wales and was taken prisoner and sold into slavery by the Irish

Ireland holds Guinness World Record

Ireland holds Guinness World Record for many things like most cookies baked in 1 hour, the World’s largest tea towel by 12 team members, most cups of tea made in 1 hour, and for the Highest combined age.

Legalize same-sex marriage

Ireland was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by referendum, in 2017. Many Irish nationals who live abroad came back to the country just to vote for this referendum.

Ireland's president wields little authority

The head of the Irish government is the Taoiseach. They are the Prime Ministers and control all the power across the Republic of Ireland. The president has very little power.

Nigeria sells more Guinness than Ireland

Guinness is Ireland's most popular drink, but Nigerians consume more of it each year. Ireland is the second-largest market for Guinness.

Dublin has the biggest stadium in Europe

Dublin's Corke Park is the fourth largest stadium in Europe. It has a capacity of 82,300. It fits all types of events.

Ireland is the birthplace of the submarine

An Irish Engineer, John Philip Holland invented the first submarine. The US Navy formally permitted it.

The longest one-word name

Muckanaghederdauhaulia is the longest one-word name in Ireland with 22 letters. It is near Kinvara, Co. Galway. It means "pig-marsh between two saltwater"

St. Valentine's remains are in Whitefriar Street Chruch in Dublin

St. Valentine was executed and buried in Rome in the 3rd century. Eventually, an Irish priest was approved to exhume his remains, and his skeleton now rests beneath Dublin's Whitefriar Church.

The Titanic's final port of call was Ireland

The Titanic was crafted by 15000 Irish people and made its final stop in Cobh, County Cork.

The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest coastal drive route in the world

It is the longest coastal driving route of 2,500 km in the world. From the cliffs of County Donegal in Ireland's far north back down to the coastlines of County Cork.

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Facts About Study In Ireland

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