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COVID-19 Updates from Top Universities in USA

November 2020

Study in USA for Indian students has always been an alluring prospect. And thus, the impeding COVID-19 has had minimal impact on the yearning to study at universities in USA. A degree from the USA is acknowledged and revered across the globe and thus, students continue to make the USA their home. As a prospective student, it is natural to seek the latest updates. And for that, you have come to just the right place.

Take a look below for the latest COVID-19 Updates from top universities in USA

Arizona State University

  • The Fall 2020 university commencement ceremony and special-interest convocations scheduled for the week of Dec. 14 will be converted to a virtual format.
  • For spring 2021 ASU will offer courses in a variety of learning environments. The university remains in Learning Mode 2, where instruction is delivered in a hybrid fashion.
  • Students will have access to on-campus, in-person, technology-enhanced learning environments; ASU Sync, the synchronous, technology-enhanced and fully interactive remote learning using live lectures via Zoom; and iCourses delivered entirely online with lectures available on demand. Students can choose their preferred learning environment to accommodate their needs.

Concordia University Chicago

  • The introduction of hyflex classes during the spring semester of 2021 will provide students with courses that combine remote and face-to-face learning.
  • CUC's operations will remain flexible throughout the academic year.
  • All courses at all levels of study are being offered in a 100% online/remote format for the entire semester.
  • Most major University events will occur, but will be offered in a virtual format.
  • All residential students are required to get a COVID-19 test that is administered no more than 14 days prior to student's arrival to campus.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • The instruction delivery is in accordance to phase 2 of learning with converged learning fully implemented.
  • 25% of staff return to campus with the requirement for face coverings.
  • Limited meetings and events occur (maximum 25 attendees) with social distancing. Virtual options are also provided.
  • Dining rooms and all seated restaurants are closed. Pre-packaged food, utensils and beverages available for contactless delivery or pick-up.

New York Institute of Technology

  • Students returning to campus must take a COVID-19 diagnostic test and report results.
  • Students who wish to enter campus later this fall, prior to November 23, must submit their COVID-19 test results before their arrival on campus.
  • Both campuses will be operating remotely after the Thanksgiving break for the remainder of the semester.
  • On-campus, students are encouraged to wear masks.

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