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Co-Operative Programs In Canada

June 2022

A Co-Op program in Canada is a study program that includes work periods in companies in the field, where they perform career-related functions. In many cases, this work is paid. Co-Operative education offers an opportunity to international students to gain relevant professional experience during their study period. This increases the experience count and ensures an excellent job profile once an international student graduates. While regular programs can develop and brush up on knowledge on the subject, Co-Op programs offer a combination of theory and real-time experience. From studying at prestigious universities to working in renowned companies, Co-Op courses in Canada are proving to be the better choice.

Colleges in canada

Co-Op in Canada is thriving as the country has an array of multi-faceted and leading institutions that offer world-class education and career opportunities. The ambition of every international student is to earn an excellent educational qualification and work for the best brands in the country.

Eligibility criteria for pursuing a Co-Op program

  1. The student must have a valid study permit.
  2. The student is required to have work experience in the line of course of application.
  3. The student has to obtain a letter from the university stating that work experience is mandatory to obtain the degree.
  4. The selected Co-Op program covers less than 50% of the student's study program.

Benefits of Co-Op education in Canada

1. Gain practical experience in your field of study

International students who undertake the Co-Op education avail an opportunity to boost up their professional work experience. For example, if a student pursues a course of 2 year duration, he/she can build up to 2 years of work experience. This gives the student a superior edge without any prior work experience.

2. Earn money while gaining experience in your area of study

Many international students choose to study in Canada as their destination to continue their studies because of the possibility of training and working on a part-time basis. This can also be possible with Co-Op programs, where a student gets to work on something related to their field of study as part of the training method and simultaneously gets paid for it. This is a very worthy opportunity as it is about how studying at a Canadian institution can help you improve your income and cover your living expenses. Apart from that, a student gets to add field experience to the resume, without having to wait until he/she leaves the institution and receives an initial job offer.

3. Develop marketable skills necessary for workplace success

As a working international student indulged in a Co-Op program, he/she is bound to develop and brush up on the skills that fit the job benchmark. Consequently, this gives an international students a better perspective of what are the requisite skills and prepares them well to succeed better.

4. Discover what career is best suited according to the available job opportunities

With solid work experience at one's disposal, it gets easier to determine the career path to be chosen. For instance, if you’re working in an accounting firm, there are a manifold of roles that can be taken up. All of those roles can be explored and then a decision can be made as to which role is better suited as per one's skills and interests. This observation can shape one's educational knowledge towards learning just that.

The cons of a Co-Op program

  • The undertaken degree can take longer to complete.
  • It takes more organization to plan one's degree because some courses are only offered at certain times.
  • The amount of work can be exhausting.
  • There may be some supplementary costs to the opted degree for adding a Co-Op.
  • The student may have to shift to another area or city for work.
  • There is no guarantee of a Co-Op position.
  • There is no guarantee to get recruited at a job post graduation.

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