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Canadian Colleges For Indian Students Following The Student Direct Stream

August 2022

Among the many sought after study overseas destinations, Canada is one such destination. The country is home to world renowned colleges and universities that experience the influx of a multitude of international students, including many Indians year after year. Colleges and universities in Canada offer a myriad of courses for students to choose from. Courses in Canada are offered across various study fields: Aviation, Sports, Information Technology, Architecture, Project Management, Law, Health and Medicine, Engineering etc. An acronym for Student Direct Stream, SDS refers to a study permit operating mechanism for students desiring to opt for post-secondary education at a DLI- Designated Learning Institution. One wishing to study in Canada should be on the lookout for SDS institutions that have a shorter system for student visa application that takes comparatively lesser time and where fewer financial documents are required. For Indian students with an aim to pursue their higher studies in Canada, he/she can look for SDS colleges in Canada and can then make an online application. International students are offered degree programs that enable them to utilize their experience, past learning, and guidance to earn a degree by SDS colleges.

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SDS colleges in Canada: Definition

Initiated by the Canadian High Commission in collaboration with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), the Student Direct Stream (SDS) is a fast visa processing system. With the enactment of the latest SDS policy, students belonging to the designated countries can apply online to IRCC- Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for their Visas. These applications that are submitted are evaluated and processed as part of the regular study permit application stream and are based on the remaining eligibility and applicability criteria outlined in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) and Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). The Student Direct Stream allows certain overseas students to obtain their study permits more swiftly. If all qualifying conditions are met with, most SDS applications will be processed by IRCC within 20 days.

There are certain benefits associated with applying through SDS such as shorter time duration for visa processing (the entire time duration takes about 45 days), and not so lengthy financial paperwork.

How does the SDS Programme differ from SPP in Canada for Indian Students?

  • The Government of Canada has completely changed the Student Partnership Scheme (SPP) with the SDS (Study Direct Stream) programme.
  • The Study Direct Stream (SDS) programme when compared with the original SPP programme has a thin line of difference.
  • For Indian students, the IELTS band criteria are a remarkable adjustment in the SDS programme. From 5.5 bands in the SPP programme, now six bands are required in each module. Under the SDS, another noteworthy change is the payment of a one-year tuition fee to a university or college in advance.

SDS Colleges in Canada for Indian Students

Majority of the universities in Canada have a Designated Learning Institution number, thereby allowing them to participate in the Student Direct Stream programme. Mentioned below is the list of SDS colleges in Canada where Indian students can apply:
Brock University, Sheridan College, Humber College, University of Waterloo, Fleming College,Queen's University, Algoma University, Seneca College, University of Toronto, Fanshawe College, McMaster University, Centennial College, Lakehead University, Algonquin College, Wilfrid Laurier University, Sault College, and Georgian College.

Requisite Documents for SDS Colleges in Canada

With a view to speed up the application process, applicants who aspire to study in Canada under the SDS programme need to submit the following documents:
Documents pertaining to Prior Academic Performance

  • Proof of payment of the first-year tuition fees
  • Proof of payment for a CAD 10,000 GIC
  • IELTS test scores
  • A copy of a recent medical check-up carried out by an authorized facility
  • A copy of the Acceptance Letter of one of the SDS colleges’

Eligibilty Criteria for admission to SDS Colleges in Canada

One is expected to fulfill particular qualifying conditions in order to be eligible for the SDS programme. Indian students must satisfy the below mentioned requirements:

  • Students must pass the IELTS exam with an overall band score of 6 or more. This will apply to both, UG and PG courses under SDS.
  • Students should possess an admission letter from their preferred institution i.e. the institution they wish to pursue their higher education courses from.
  • For one seeking a study permit through the SDS, he/she is required to pay the full first-year tuition fees beforehand when applying for a visa.
  • Students should obtain a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) amounting to CAD 10,000 in order to secure the availability of finances throughout his/her stay in Canada.
  • The following Banks in India offer GIC: ICICI Bank, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, SBI Bank, Scotia Bank, and HSBC Bank.
  • Students who apply to the institutions must have a DLI number.

SDS Program: Application Procedure

The SDS cannot be applied offline and thus, students seeking a Canadian Study Visa through SDS are required to apply online. The Application Procedure is as under:

  • Fill up the application form, pay the biometric costs and submit the application.
  • After submitting the online application form, applicants must provide their biometrics within a period of one month. They will receive a biometric request letter with all the appropriate information. Until and unless the biometrics are given, the application form processing will not begin.
  • Next, one is required to present his/her medical examination results and police certificates.
  • Upon acceptance of their application, they will receive a letter of introduction and a temporary residence visa for Canada.

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