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Best Courses in the Lion City of the World

November 2023

Singapore is considered as one of the top choices for international students, especially across Southeast Asia. Singapore has been providing high-quality education with a wide variety of courses. The backdrop of pleasant tropical landscape and the country’s safety, makes it a considerable option for students who want to pursue their education in Singapore. The country is known for its industry focused and innovative programmes across various disciplines.

Courses in Singapore

Reasons to Study in Singapore

Studying in Singapore is an attractive option for many international students. There are various compelling reasons to study in Singapore. Here are some reasons:

  1. Focus on global education
  2. Employment opportunity
  3. Fusion of different cultures
  4. Hub for global business
  5. Vibrant environment
  6. Strong focus on culture and innovation
  7. Safety and cleanliness

What are the best courses in Singapore?

There are a few courses that have been in demand constantly due to the development and needs of Singapore. The best courses in Singapore for Indian students are listed down below.

Information Technology (IT)

Singapore has advanced technological infrastructure that makes it an ideal destination for IT professionals. The country is known for its advanced telecommunication, internet connectivity, highly skilled and multicultural workforce. This makes it an ideal destination for pursuing IT. Also, the Singaporean government has been actively investing in digital transformation and e-governance activities. This enables the IT professionals to work more on projects and the students to gain more insights.


MBA is one of the best courses in Singapore. While studying MBA, students get a chance to learn from the best faculty members in the field. There are a number of MBA programmes that are available including finance, marketing, strategy, real estate and a lot more. Some of the best companies like Unilever, IBM, DHL, General Motors have their base in Singapore. This makes it a natural choice for management students.


Singapore is a country which has a research community where students can engage in activities related to biomedicine, genetics, public health. The healthcare industry has a strong emphasis on ethics, professionalism, practical training, and hands-on experience.


Banking and finance are a growing field in Singapore and has developed in terms of financial activities in the business centers. As per the statistics, major job opportunities in Singapore are related to the banking sector. The banking course is available at both under graduation and postgraduation level.

Computer Science

Singapore is growing in terms of technology. Also, the country has a strong demand for computer science graduates. The Singaporean government has been supporting the technology sector and offers various initiatives to encourage tech entrepreneurship and innovation. This makes Computer Science one of the best courses to study in Singapore. The country having a multicultural environment, makes it a welcoming place to engage with people from various backgrounds.


Singapore's legal system is compatible with the legal system of other nations. Singapore has the largest judicial system in the world. As a result of this, studying law in Singapore would bring weightage to the profile. Some of the best law schools in Singapore, National University of Singapore is present here.

Hospitality and Tourism

The hospitality and tourism industry in Singapore is diverse, offering opportunities in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, event planning, cruise lines and related fields. Singapore is a popular destination for tourism, hospitality, event planning and management. The government has been promoting tourism industry and has been offering initiatives and grants to promote the industry.

Best Universities to Study in Singapore

Singapore is regarded for its academic excellence and renowned universities. Listed down are some of the best universities in Singapore.

Job Prospects

Singapore, also known as the "Lion city" is globally recognised for its thriving economic center with a diverse range of job opportunities. Here are some promising job prospects across various fields in Singapore.

Eligibility to Study in Singapore

In order to study in Singapore, the candidate/student has to follow the specified eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria is listed below:

  1. For undergraduate programmes, the student needs to demonstrate the scores of high schools or equivalent. Whereas, for a postgraduate programme, the student needs to demonstrate the scores of bachelor’s degrees or equivalent.
  2. Student visa is required to study in Singapore.
  3. A student needs to appear for a recognised entrance test like IELTS or TOEFL for securing admission.
  4. The universities ask for financial proof that would be covering the tuition and accommodation fees.
  5. Some programmes require the student to appear for an interview as a part of the application process.
  6. A Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose (SOP) is required. This will demonstrate the intent of pursuing a course in Singapore.

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Courses in Singapore for Indian students

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