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Australian Visa Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

September 2021

Australia is a country that attracts lots of people every year. It has a very unique status around the globe not just because of the tourist attraction but also for education. Australia is also known as "Land Down Under" for its fabulous English accent. International students choose Australia mainly for its high-quality education, reputation and standard of living. Many universities in Australia rank in the top universities in the world. The people here are very friendly and helpful, it is also a multicultural country. Easy access to student support services and immense post-study employment opportunities make Australia an attractive study destination.

To study in Australia one must have a student visa. This article will help you guide the process of visa application step-by-step.

Study in Australia

Process of the Study Visa Application in Australia

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

To get the CoE, one needs to apply to the university before proceeding with the visa application. After applying to the university for admission, if you are being selected you will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment stating you can join the university for the applied course.


  1. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  2. OSHC Health Insurance.
  3. Valid passport or other valid travel documents
  4. Passport size colour photographs
  5. Proof of Temporary stay.
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. Proof of fee payment
  8. Evidence of finance to provide the living expenses during the stay of course.
  9. A score on English Language Proficiency Test.
  10. Proof of any backlogs in your educational history
  11. Proof of academic background.

All the documents should be a scanned copy and need to attach with the visa application

Visa Application

If you are planning to study in Australia one must need to apply for the student visa subclass 500. This is the visa that allows an applicant to live, study and work in the country for a maximum of 5 years in line with your applied course. With this visa, students are allowed to work for 40 hours per fortnight during the term and full-time during the vacation. Students who applied for post-graduation degrees and students in critical industries like tourism and hospitality can have additional flexible timing. The earliest time one can apply for a visa application is 124 days before the course begins. On the first page of the application, the applicant has to fill in the nationality and CoE code. Later you will have to fill in your detail. You may need to go through an interview round or a health check-up depending upon where you will live and study. You will get this information when you submit the form.

Fees and TRN number

After completing the visa form, the applicant needs to pay the visa application fee which is 620 AUD for the Base Application charge plus 460 AUD for the 18+ OR 150 AUD for under 18. when you complete the procedure of application and the payment you will receive a receipt with Transaction Reference Number (TRN). The applicant needs to make sure to save this number so that you can check the status of the application.

How Long will it take?

One will be notified in 4 to 8 weeks from the date of the visa application process but sometimes it depends upon the nationality and other factors. If you haven't submitted all the necessary documents, it may take a longer time. All your supporting documents get varied along with your personal background that means any criminal conviction.

Off to Australia

when you receive the visa you can enter Australia at the earliest 90 days before the course start and the date mentioned in the CoE. If you aren't staying in the university-provided accommodation, then you should inform the address in Australia to the university within 7 days of arriving in the country.

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Courses in Australia

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