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Why study in Ireland?

A member nation of the European Union, Ireland is a growing country which has a large section of the population being relatively young. Ireland has made its mark in being one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The people of Ireland are highly affable in nature and the country has also made its footings in being one of the friendliest and most livable countries in the world.

The climatic conditions of Ireland are extremely suitable for a large number of people, with the winters being not too harsh and summers being pleasant. There exists a multitude of reasons as to why one should study in Ireland . Unlike some countries, colleges in Ireland accept fifteen years of education abroad. The teaching techniques in colleges in Ireland have made the necessary changes to become more contemporary in nature.Colleges in ireland offer quality education, due to which the country has seen rapid economic growth leading to the reduction of unemployment levels. The reduction in unemployment levels can be attributed to the large number of international students finding employment opportunities in the country.

If a student is looking to attain admission in Ireland for an MBA course, he has the advantage of not needing prior work experience. Colleges in Ireland offer one year Master’s programs, with the opportunity for international students to work part time for approximately 20 hours per week. Colleges in Ireland receive large sums of investment from the government to develop the research activities in the colleges.

If the student decides to study in Ireland he enables himself to be part of a thriving economy wherein education and economic growth have strong links. When a student chooses to study in Ireland he has the opportunity to associate with leading employers of the world who are actively seeking graduates from renowned colleges in Ireland. A large number of leading multinational companies have their offices based in Ireland and thus by deciding to study in Ireland, the chances the student has to jump into the career pool increase magnanimously.

Higher Education colleges in Ireland offer an ocean of courses that range from vocational, technical training, full degree and post-graduation courses as well. Admission in Ireland can be attained in universities, private and independent colleges too. The government also makes huge investments in the education sector. Colleges in Ireland receive immense importance because of the contribution education has made to the economic development of the country.

Admission in Ireland can also be attained through “Cooperative Education” wherein students are given placements according to their degree programs for six to eight months during undergraduate studies. Certain colleges in Ireland utilize this model as a crucial part of the program.

Colleges in Ireland

Entry requirements for admission in Ireland

Certain students study in secondary schools in Ireland and finish the Leaving Certificate Examination with the locals. Students opt to do this when taking the exam in tandem with English Language tuition.

Admission in Ireland can also be achieved by taking recognized public examinations in own country. However it is essential that the pupil checks whether the qualifications presented by them satisfy the entry requirements of colleges in Ireland . Excellent academic record should consistently be maintained to ensure successful admit into the university of liking. Pupils can also undertake admission in Ireland by making an application into the university of their choice.

Furthermore, because the lectures are conducted in English it is mandatory for the student to demonstrate adequate English speaking abilities. Usually, the minimum required score is 100 in TOEFL and 6.5 in IELTS. Colleges in Ireland also offer English Language assistance to the students looking to gain admission. Ireland as a country is conducive to international students and looks after their interests. Thus it offers them assistance to study English through various short term and long term courses.

Costs to study in Ireland

The costs incurred by the student to study in Ireland depend upon the university and course under consideration. Below given is an approximate value of tuition fees in certain courses. Medicine and other related courses cost approximately €12035-€51635. Furthermore, if the student decides to pursue Engineering courses the fees may range from €10000-€21600. Admission in Ireland can also be achieved through pursuing Science and Technology courses, these programs costs approximately €10000-€21600. Furthermore, colleges in Ireland also offer Business related courses which can approximately cost the student €10000-€30000. Lastly, if the student is looking to pursue studies in the field of Humanities, the fees may range approximately €10000-€20000.

Costs of living when studying in colleges in Ireland

Although recent studies mention that upon gaining admission in Ireland, the cost of living is approximately €8000-€12000. The figure is highly subjective in nature because it depends upon the lifestyle of the student, location and other expenditures incurred.

Colleges in Ireland refer to the higher education system as third level education or tertiary education. Majority of the third level colleges in Ireland have on-campus resident halls for students. A prominent feature that the students will witness when attaining admission in Ireland is the existence of “small villages” which have facilities such as shops, restaurants and other necessary facilities.

Another option of accommodation when a student decides to study in Ireland are self-catering rented accommodation. These are often located in the main cities and are shared by students. Colleges in Ireland often recommend students to arrive two to three weeks prior to the commencement of course to be able to get a place in the accommodation facility.

Furthermore, students looking to experience the Irish way of life, opt to live through host family accommodation. Undergraduate students often decide to utilize the said function when they want to submerge themselves into the local community. In most cases, students are provided with their own room and certain meals.

- Intakes for admission in Ireland

- The main intake of colleges in Ireland is September; however certain colleges also offer February intakes.

- Documents required for admission in Ireland

Below given is a basic list of documents required to be able to study in Ireland:

- Attested copies of relevant mark sheets

- Academic Reference Letters from the professor who taught them most recently Letter of Recommendation from employer if any

- Statement of Purpose

- Resume

- Extra-Curricular Activities Certificate

- Colleges in Ireland that offer Arts and Design courses require students to submit a portfolio

Scholarships for colleges in Ireland

To study in Ireland the scholarship avenues are limited in nature. Every university has its own set of guidelines that it adheres to when looking to provide scholarships to its students. To gain a deeper understanding into the scholarship avenues available, colleges in Ireland provide ample information on their website.

Employment opportunities after gaining admission in Ireland

Only those students who study in Ireland for a full time course of at least one year duration which leads to a qualification recognized by the Minister for Education and Science will be permitted to undertake work for 20 hours part time week and full time during college breaks.

Furthermore, students who study in Ireland of either Master’s degree, Post-graduate Diploma or a Doctoral degree whose award is guaranteed by prominent Irish awarding body are permitted to stay in Ireland for two years and look for employment. Moreover, colleges in Ireland having Honors undergraduate degrees provide their students with a 12-month stay back option. Those who attained admission in Ireland for ordinary Undergraduate Degree have the option to stay back for six months. All the above mentioned time periods begin upon receiving examination results.

Upon completion of study in Ireland, Permanent Residency options are easy to attain. There are certain professional fields in Ireland that have a shortage of skill set and are actively seeking international students to fill in the vacancies

If areas of Software Development, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and International Services are your fields of interest then colleges in Ireland are the perfect mediums through which your skill set can be developed. After gaining admission in Ireland one will find themselves in the fulcrum of areas such as Software, Mining, Construction, Telecom, Tourism and Hospitality. Colleges in Ireland also offer courses in Life Science, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals to name a few.

To be able to study in Ireland one needs to have a relevant student visa. Certain documents are required to make an application, these include a Letter of Acceptance confirming your acceptance into the course of full time study that has in it 15 hours of organized day time studies. To gain admission in Ireland one also needs to portray evidence of financial support that highlights your ability to not only pay the tuition fees but also incur certain living expenditure. Student Visa Ireland is granted for the entire duration of the course and enables the student to undertake multiple entries.

Prominent colleges in Ireland include, American College Dublin, Athlone Institute of Technology, Cork Institute of Technology, Dublin Business School, Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Griffith College Dublin, IBAT College Dublin, Institute of Technology- Blanchardstown, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Limerick Institute of Technology, National College of Ireland, National University of Ireland- Galway, National University of Ireland- Maynooth, Shannon College of Hotel Management, Trinity College of Dublin, University College Cork, University College Dublin, University of Limerick, Institute of Technology Carlow, Waterford Institute of Technology and many more.

Colleges in Ireland

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