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What does it cost to study in Ireland

The reasons to study in Ireland are multifold, these range from the immense impetus the education sector receives from the government, to the quality of courses offered. A modern, lively, safe and secure environment you should be rest assured that you will be living in an impeccable environment that enables you to live, study and work.

With a large number of prominent multinational companies setting up their base in the country, your chances of attaining a job are high.

From all the reasons that you may consider to study in Ireland, the economical nature of the course structure without compromise in the quality of education provided are convincing points.

The decision to study abroad is critical, it encompasses in itself a large amount of considerations that you should make. The cost component of this decision is integral. This article looks to help you navigate through all the cost considerations you should make when understanding what it costs to study in Ireland.

Study Cost in Ireland

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees in colleges in Ireland, depend upon the institution and program. The below given table looks to give an indicative amount regarding the undergraduate and postgraduate cost structure depending upon the course.

 Course  Average Fees (Per Year/Approx)
 Medicine and related fields  €12035-€51635
 Engineering  €10000-€21600
 Science and Technology  €10000-€21600
 Business-related courses  €10000-€30000
 Humanities and Arts  €10000-€20000

Accommodation Costs

The higher education system in Ireland is known as the Third Level education or Tertiary education.

These institutions usually offer on-campus student residences which are equipped with facilities that include shops, laundries, restaurants and much more.

You can also live in self-catering rented accommodation which in many cases are shared with other students.

Similarly, host family accommodations are also offered. This is an excellent opportunity for you to assimilate yourself in the local culture and community. You usually have your own room along with provisions for meals.

The cost that you incur for accommodation is largely dependent on the type of your accommodation and its location. You can expect to shell out an approximate amount of €427 per month.

Visa Cost

To be able to study in Ireland you are required to have a study visa. You are required to pay an application fee for the same. The visa application fee to study in Ireland is approximately €60.

Living Expenses

As an international student, you are likely to incur certain living expenditures. It is important that you set aside a certain proportion of your budget for such expenses. You can expect yourself to approximately spend €28 towards utilities. It would be unrealistic to assume that you are only going to eat at home, there will be several such instances during which you will end up having a meal at the restaurant, the cost of the same may approximately come up to €167. Resource material for university largely depends upon the course of your persuasion, you can expect to approximately spend €70. While you're studying in colleges in Ireland, you are likely to interact with your loved ones back home, thus the mobile networking charges may approximately cost €31.

As a young student you are likely to incur expenditure on shopping and medicines the indicative cost for the same is €41. The social experience is an important component of the university experience in Ireland, expect yourself to approximately spend €75 during social outings.

Health Insurance

As an international student you are not covered for any free medical attention off-campus. This means you have to make your own provisions for private insurance. Not only in terms of saving costs for medical expenses do you require health insurance, but even while making a student visa application, proof of the same needs to be generated. The indicative fees for health insurance in Ireland ranges between €500-€800.


There are a number of private companies operating buses and coach services across the country. Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, DART and LAUS are certain transportation facilities that you can use. With proof of student identity you can avail discounts. The Student Travelcard is a student ID and discount card, that offers exclusive discounts up to 40%. You can also apply for a pass, its approximate cost comes upto €12-€15.

With the given idea of the cost framework in the country, your decision to study in Ireland is definitely going to be streamlined.

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