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Study In The Presence Of Culture Called France

March 2019

France is the 5th largest economy in the world, tourism being a major contributor to its economy. Apart from being the top holiday destination for many, France is also emerging as one of the most favored and upcoming study destinations among Indians. Currently it is the fourth most popular study destination in the world. Paris, the fashion capital of the world resides in France and is also its capital. France is rich with its cultural heritage. Its beautifully crafted architectural structures like the Eifel Tower, Louvre Museum, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, etc. are the centre of attraction for all. France also comprises of mesmerizing landscapes, farms, rivers, stunning meadows and much more.

Study in France

France is a country that provides rich education to all of its students. It plays home to approximately 2, 90,000 international students every year. France, even if a French speaking country, offers most of its courses in English. Thus, very few students face language and communication barrier. However, in order to prevent these communication and language barriers from coming your way, it is always preferable to learn French.

Even though France is known for its rich art and culture, it also excels in a variety of other fields like Science, Research, Engineering, etc. In fact, it lays high importance on scientific research. It ranks high worldwide in research related events/activities. The most popular courses opted by Indian Students in France are Fashion, Arts and Design, Luxury Brand, Travel and Tourism, IT, MBA, Project Management, and Engineering.

Why Study In France:

Affordable: As compared to other countries, higher education in France is affordable in regards to both accommodation and tuition fees. The Government of France provides financial help for accommodation which is upto 1/3rd for successful students.

Courses Taught in English: The French Grande Ecoles are increasingly offering their courses in English language by understanding the need of international students. This is done to attract a large number of international students into the French universities. Thus it is not compulsory for international students to know French in order to be eligible to study in France. However, once you start studying in France, French language will be taught to you during the course of the program as a part of the curriculum.

Excellence in Science and Technology: Those wanting to study IT must consider France as a strong option. The reason being, France ranks second in Europe and fourth in the world in the Information Technology sector. France is in the forefront of technological progress in several fields. To justify this statement, you must know that is it France who is responsible for monitoring and technically managing the European space program Ariane.

A Fabulous Multicultural Experience: France being the fourth popular study destination attracts students from across the globe. This exposes each student in France to a variety of cultures thus making the study and learning environment multicultural. Students here learn to open up and appreciate each other’s culture, ideas, thought processes and opinions.

Health and High Standard of Living: France is known to have a high standard of living. The people in France ensure a proper balance between work and personal life. The amount of work stress and load is very low when compared to other countries. Additionally, the French people also have healthy food eating habits. The produce too is fresh, free of artificial ingredients and pesticides. The healthcare facilities here are affordable and easily accessible. France certainly spends a lot of money on health, around 10% of gross national income, one of the highest rates in the world.

Welcoming and friendly people: When in a new place, it very important to feel comfortable and at home. For this to happen, the people one is surrounded with should have warm hearts and the willingness to spread the arms wide open to welcome a newbie. This is exactly what the citizens of France do. They open their arms for the newbies with a warm heart to make them feel at home. Hence deciding to study in France will be like finding another home far from your home.

Work Permit for International students during and after the completion of higher education:

International students are entitled to work part time upto 20 hours a week off campus. In France there is a guaranteed minimum salary which is € 9.61 gross per hour.

International students wishing to take up short courses in France are not permitted stay or even take up any job in France after the course completion. Only those studying long term programs such as the bachelor’s or master’s degree are eligible to a Long Stay Visa which permits the students to stay and work in France for the period of two years after they complete their studies.

Study in France

Student Testimonials:

My experience with Edwise was great. The counselor was very helpful & informative and cleared all the doubts I ever had. I am really very thankful to Edwise for their support and prompt services. When applying to a country like France with very limited consultants deal Edwise are experts for the same.

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Name - Mohd. Riyaz
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Edwise has really helped me with my applications to my preferred universities. In fact, I owe all the credit to my counselor and Edwise of course for the timely assistance regarding my offer from Le Cordon.

Name - Farzana Javed
Country - France
University - Le Cordon Bleu

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant

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