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United States embassy and consulates in India have broken their record as nearly, 1,25,000 student visas were issued in the fiscal year 2022, State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said in a press conference.

 Price admitted that there was a delay in clearing visas backlog for Indian touristsbut also said, "Our embassy and consulates in India broke their all-time record for the number of student visas issued in the single fiscal year 2022. 

We have issued nearly 1,25,000 student visas." "We of course recognize that some applicants may still face extended visa wait times and we are making every effort to reduce visa interview appointment wait times as quickly as possible," he added.

 Price said that the US is committed to safeguarding national security while facilitating legitimate travel to non-immigrant travellers. He also said that timely visa processing is important to the US economy and the administration's goal. 

 Highlighting US efforts in processing visas quickly, Price said, "We have doubled the hiring of US foreign and service personnel to do this important work. Visas processing is recovering faster than projected and over the coming years we expect to reach pre-pandemic processing levels."

 "For various kinds of visas, we would not have much wait time. Each separate category has some wait time," a senior US Embassy official added. The US has opened up 100,000 slots for applicants for H and L worker visas. This has already happened which will cut down the wait times. 

 "India is a number one priority for Washington right now. We have big categories in students, high-tech workers, tourists, and business," the official added.


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