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Tips for Studying Abroad


November 2017

Studying abroad could be fun and exciting as well as daunting for many of us. This arduous experience could be made much simpler and the transition much easier by making a checklist of all the things that could go wrong and making provisions beforehand to avoid them. By just keeping in mind a few simple things, the whole 'fearful and disastrous' aspect of such a big move can be avoided. Here are a few guidelines listed below for a much happier studying experience.

Tips for Studying Abroad by Edwise International

  • Documents and Paperwork

Leaving your country would demand a new identification, a passport. You would need to show your passport as you leave your country as well as while entering a new one. Also, if you are going out for study purposes, you would need a study visa. I would advise you to get in touch with your counselor/advisor in order to know the minute details of the whole process and also make digital and photo copies of your passport and visa.

You would also have to fill a lot of paperwork before entering a new country so keep the passport handy. .

  • Accommodation

You would also have to fill a lot of paperwork before entering a new country so keep the passport handy. .

  • Which course would be suitable for me?

The university you are applying for might have a number of housing choices, like a shared apartment, a dorm on the campus or you could choose to have a private apartment or a homestay.

Whatever the choice is, make sure that you don't isolate yourself and miss all the fun that you could have socializing. Choose a place where it would be easy for you to interact with people around you, whether local or not. It is the best experience you could have at a home away from home.

  • Money MATTERS

As soon as you are done with finding and organizing your accommodation, start working on setting up a bank account. Also, apply for a credit/debit card as you do not want to carry cash everywhere you go, all the time.

  • Medications

Do not forget to have a word with your physician regarding the medications, if you are taking any, in order to avoid all the panic. Have a good amount of prescribed medications with you which would suffice your stay abroad or you can have the list of the contents of those drugs and could find it abroad, only with different names.

You should also get the student medical insurance card as soon as you are settled at your study abroad destination. It will benefit you a lot while you are there. You might have to pay the medical expenses right away but you can claim it later through your insurance.

Tips for Studying Abroad by Edwise International

  • Value your valuables

After all, thieves are humans. If they are there in your country, they are also there at your study destination. You would be travelling with some of your most expensive possessions, like your smartphone, laptop, ipad, passport, jewellery and probably cash. So, be attentive towards everything that you are carrying with you, as there are millions of things there that have the potential to distract you completely.

Avoid, at all cost, flaunting your jewellery or accessories that might put the size of your wallet on the display.

  • Cultivate a little culture

As you would be studying abroad, it would, for sure, make you a part of a completely new culture for short but good amount of time. So, research a little about the culture of the country you have chosen as your study destination, as you do not want to unknowingly or unnecessarily offend others or bring a bad name upon yourself or your country.

  • Create and Store Memories

While smartphones these days come with great cameras, they still are less flexible than the standard cameras. Invest in a DSLR or atleast a good point-and-shoot.

You do not want to rely solely on you eidetic memory. Put all of your study abroad experience on the camera. These pictures would prove to be the best memories of your life as you may not settle down in the same country for the rest of your life, and even if you do, you would definitely not have the same friends there with you all along.

So, have a good camera with extra-large size SD card (Probably a 32GB or maybe a couple of 16GBs), so that you never run out of MEMORY OR MEMORIES.

  • Fan of Mom made food?

Is there anyone who is not a fan of his/her Mom made food?

Yes, probably someone whose dad is a brilliant chef!

Everyone loves it, but as you are going to leave your country (not FOREVER) you would have to learn to adapt (like really fast). OR probably you don't have to.

While abroad you have the opportunity to taste a number of cuisines, probably in their birthplace. Take a great Food Adventure at your study destination as well as at all the neighbouring countries, on weekends and holidays. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your Tummy GLOBALIZED!

You do not want to rely solely on you eidetic memory. Put all of your study abroad experience on the camera. These pictures would prove to be the best memories of your life as you may not settle down in the same country for the rest of your life, and even if you do, you would definitely not have the same friends there with you all along.

To summarize, the best thing to do while going abroad to study is to keep an open mind and perception to be able to put yourself in the best position to adapt, accept and absorb.

What Edwise Students Studying Abroad Say?

Brilliant. Couldn't have hoped for anything better and supportive. Congratulations to the entire team.

Name- Kashyap Mishra
Country- UK
University- Bournemouth University

Helpful and guiding in a proper manner with all the necessary information and support.

Name- Saif J Khan
Country- Australia
University- Swinburne University

It's been very helpful from the get go. Great resources and excellent management. Everything went smoothly and without any hiccups.

Name- Akanksha Baadkar
Country- Australia
University- University of Melbourne

It was Great Experience. So Glad to be Part of it.Team Over there is Really Helpful.

Name-Shiv M.K
Country- Australia
University- University of Wollongong

Overseas Education Consultant

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Start your education overseas with valuable information on everything you need to know about studying abroad from study permits, temporary resident visas and how much it costs, to finding a program.

Do visit your nearest Edwise branch & choose your university carefully under our expert guidance and ensure that you have all your paperwork in order. Once you apply, and the wait is over, you can really begin to look forward to not only studying in a beautiful and vibrant country, but also to a life experience quite like no other.


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November 2017





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