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New SAT Pattern and Tips


January 2016

The SAT measures your thinking ability to efficiently solve problems and communicate, while at the same time looks into your basic classroom skills such as Reading, Writing and Mathematics and how well you apply that knowledge. The SAT is taken by more than two million students every year at thousands of testing centers. There is no negative marking for the revised version of the SAT

How is the test organized?

    • Reading Comprehension has a total of 52 questions with 65 minutes alloted for this section

    • Writing and Language Test has a total  of 44 questions with 35 minutes alloted for this section

    • Mathematics (No Calculator allowed) has a total of 20 questions with a time frame of 25 minutes for this section

    • Mathematics (Calculator allowed) has a total of 38 questions with 55 minutes alloted for this section

    • Essay (optional) consists of one topic and time alloted is 50 minutes



    • The Reading and Writing section is a combined score within the range of 200-800

    • The Mathematics section is scored within the range of 200-800


Three sub scores of which each is scored within the range of 10 to 40

    • Reading

    • Writing and Language

    • Mathematics


Essays are scored on the basis of the following criteria with a minimum score of 2 to a maximum score of 8

    • Reading

    • Analysis

    • Writing



    • Each question will have four options

    • The Reading section consists of reading passages only, there will NO sentence completion

    • This section consists of 5 passages, each passage has 10 -11 questions


Writing and Language Test

    • This section consists of passages with underlined words or sentences. This underlined part needs to be better phrased grammatically

    • This section consists of 4 passages, with each passage consisting of 10-11 questions

    • The prime focus in this section is grammar



The Mathematics section in the New SAT consists of the previous chapters, in addition to extra ones.

    • Trignomentry includes radian measures, definition of all ratios (e.g.- sine) Relationships between all the ratios as well as conversion from radians to degrees and vice versa

    • Basic arithmetic on complex numbers which includes multiplication, addition, division and subtraction



    • The topic consists of a case study

    • No personal opinion is required for this task

    • The essay should demonstrate your analysis of the given data

    • The essay is out of a total of 24

    • You are alloted 50 minutes for this task with a word count of 650-700 words

    • SAT without essay costs 92.5$ and with essay about 103.5$

    • Giving the SAT with essay depends on the university requirements. If the university requires the essay, students have to opt for it. However, giving the SAT with essay is recommended as you have a lot of options easily available


For complete details ,Contact Edwise on 1-800-200-3678 (Toll Free) / 08600911333.

January 2016




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