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5 Do's & Don'ts of Studying Abroad


January 2016

Studying abroad is one of the most amazing opportunities you will ever experience and something everyone should consider doing. Being in a foreign country will raise many questions for you, and that's okay! It's an entirely different culture, so naturally we're curious about what we should and should not do. Hopefully this Do's and Don'ts list will help you get a better idea of what to expect!

5 Do's & Don'ts of Studying Abroad


    • Keep yourself open for the new experience and the new place. Too much of expectation and contemplating too much about the new place and the new environment may lead to disappointment. The best thing to do is get yourself acquainted with the place first hand. Get some vital information like climate beforehand and that will be enough.

    • Try to be a part of your new environment and get involved with the locals. Get yourself involved in things, say a going out to see a game of football or rugby. Live like the locals. Trust me you will enjoy the experience.

    • Keep your schedule tight. Join different activity groups in the college. They should act as the perfect foil for being homesick and will provide you with the opportunity of interacting with students from across the world.

    • Be prepared to live on the staple food of the host country. Try to adapt to the most readily available and budget friendly foods. The street food, sometimes, can be a great delight.

    • Keep yourself updated with the host country news and happenings, especially the ones related to the state/area where you reside. This will help you relate and interact with the people there. Keeping yourself updated will also help you to face job interviews, later.



    • Don’t let the homesickness get the better of you. Don’t dwell on the fact that you are separated from your native home by oceans and seas.

    • Don’t spend too much time talking with your folks, back home over phone and Skype. Also avoid keeping yourself updated 24/7 to your home country’s news over internet; this will restrict you from getting too the homesick. And more importantly, it will take away your time from studying.

    • Don’t try to make your travel baggage too lean. Later you may repent that the sweatshirt, you left just thinking it to be useless, could have saved some invaluable Dollars/Euros.

    • Don’t forget to make budgets; weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whichever suits you. Spending without making budgets will lead you astray.

    • Avoid overdoing anything. Be it the traveling or partying. The new environment may become overwhelming with its innumerable avenues for fun and party.

All said and done, the most important thing to do is to keep up with your studies.


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January 2016




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