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Scholarships to study in Australia

September 2020

The number question that students wishing to study in Australia ask is in regards to the scholarship facilities offered. Scholarships for international students in Australia are offered either by the university or the government. International students contribute to over 40 billion per year to the Australian economy and thus their needs are always catered to.

Why study in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular study destinations amongst international students since the quality of education offered is recognized all across the globe. Excellence in education is the primary reason why students decide to pursue their further studies in Australia. The country offers a plethora of qualifications at the Bachelor's, Master's by coursework, Masters by research and Ph.D. level. While some may believe that Australian education is expensive that is far from the truth since the cost is economical when compared to other study destinations. Education comes at a cost and is one of the most crucial decisions of a student's life, therefore, it is important that you do not compromise when it comes to the same. Study in Australia offers the highest returns on investment and the gains that students attain are high. These gains though educational, are also stepping stones into future career goals.

Popular Scholarships to study in Australia

1. Merit-Based: The most popular scholarship in Australia is based on merit. Students at both the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level can make an application for the same. Universities offer this scholarship based on the academic background of the student. Apart from the Group of 8, other universities in Australia also offer the said scholarship. Universities generally offer a 20%-25% scholarship whilst some may offer scholarships worth AUD 10000.

2. International students: Scholarships for international students in Australia are often provided by the said university, provided that the student accepts the offer within a stipulated time. Scholarships worth AUD 11000 or ranging from 25%-30% are offered.

3. IELTS/PTE/TOEFL: Whilst these may only seem like entry requirements, the scores attained in these English proficiency tests also come in handy when students are looking to make an application for scholarships.

4. India Specific: The name speaks for itself and these scholarships are exclusively offered for Indian students.

5. Women Scholarships: In order to uplift and motivate women to make an application for higher studies, woman-specific scholarships are also offered to students bolstering their confidence. These may often be applied to a specific field of study.

6. Subject Specific: Universities may offer scholarships based on a specific subject at both the undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels in varied fields of study such as Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, IT to name a few.

7. Research-Based: Master's by Research or students studying at the Ph.D. level are often beneficiaries of these scholarships. Students often receive complete scholarships that fully fund their study and also include a stipend.

8. Australian Government: Scholarships for international students in Australia are often offered by the government themselves. For this the application process the students are required to go through a different application procedure wherein their Statement of Intent, academic contributions, extra-curricular activities, contributions to society all come in handy.

9. Vice-Chancellor: These scholarships are offered on the basis of merit.

10. Remote Learning: Taking the current pandemic into account several universities in Australia are offering online classes to students. These online classes ensure that the education prospects of students continue whilst their health is also protected. Apart from all the facilities offered to students in an attempt to motivate them to undertake online classes, remote learning scholarships are icing on the cake.

How to Apply

Only once students receive an Offer Letter, they are able to make an application for scholarships. Universities may automatically consider students for scholarships or process the same after they receive an unconditional Offer Letter.

To make an application for scholarships to study in Australia, students are encouraged to get in touch with Edwise. We meticulously guide you through the process and help you get the best possible scholarship based on your profile.


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