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What Parents need to know about Studying Abroad?

February 2018

Being a parent, it is obvious for you to be keen in your child's education.There are number of things to worry about. You are likely to have a lot of questions related to overseas education. It's quite natural to have dozens of worries and apprehensions in your mind while you plan your child's future in abroad. Usually, tough decisions about when, where and what to study are usually made by the students but highly unlikely you would want to shatter his/her dreams for the sake of your fears. While being well informed, you can play a supporting role as a parent and mentor for your child.

Here are the lists of measures one can take being a parent for the students studying abroad:-

Study Abroad Destinations

Always Informed

Start by gathering information on the chosen study destination. You may also want to check with the admissions committee of the University for the Security for international students. The course curriculum, campus life abroad and the accommodation options available for international students plays a significant role and one should be well informed about it. It's better to be prepared to ask the right questions to the college representatives using all the information you've gathered.

Safety Comes First

How safe is your own native country? Safety concerns will arise in every parent's mind and it as important as any other issues.Safety of a student studying abroad is one of the primary concerns these days. Provide your child the information and resources he/she needs to make better decisions and educate them how to be safe and cautious once they reach their study destination. Encourage your child to cultivate and utilise their skills while living abroad.


As the departure date of your child arrives, you can have a lot of anxiety and thoughts creeping up in your head. It is difficult to part with a loved one, but it's important to understand how much the student benefits from an independent living. It's important to pack light, but wisely.Check the weight of the luggage, and see if your child is able to move around with it as because he/she has to move with it for a quite a time while settling down.

Accommodation And Food

Your child is a growing adult who has to live his/her life ultimately the way he/she plans to.As a parent, you can teach your child to be more adaptive to different cuisines abroad though they might be used to home-cooked food. You can also teach your child to cook his/her own food to save up on restaurant bills.Perhaps you can do some homework and find some local restaurants that serve Indian food.


Everything might not as well go according to the plan but you can atleast try your hands in it. Saying so,give some time for your child to settle down until she/he starts making plans on their own.Get them to do the bulk of research on matters related to overseas education.Place your trust on your child and give him/her the confidence needed to make his/her own decisions while studying abroad.Don't over-think that your child will be influenced by the Western culture or so because ultimately it's we who create our own culture.


Encourage your child to solve his/her own issues that may arise while studying abroad. He/she should be aware of his/her responsibilities while staying away from homeland.This will empower your child, and will also help him/her face any challenges that may emerge during his/her stay abroad.Keeping a tab at every step and assessing their movements may not help them much.Each child has different maturity levels.


Remember that while it may be a vacation for you, your child still has responsibilities. It is very obvious for you to miss your child, but it's important for him/her to spend some quality time immersed in a foreign culture and engaged to grow as an individual. Plan a visit only at a time that is convenient for your child. You don't want to be showing up during their exam time..

Return to Homeland

Being parents it is very hard to part ways with your child. Studying in abroad sometime seems to be challenging as your child might not feel coming back as they get adapted with the culture in the hostland.You must embrace the fact that on his/her returns to the homeland.Allow your child a period of adjustment when they first return home. Listen to what your child has to say - he/she about the great deal of experiences.

What Edwise Students Studying Abroad Say?

Name - Nilesh Borana
Country - USA
University - Purdue University

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Name - Anjnay Sharma
Country - UK
University - University of Manchester

"Edwise was very helpful and processed my loan before the desired date of visa. Personalised attention was given by the education loan department. Edwise has helped me out extensively through a reasonable and useful solution of paying for my education in UK."

Name - Prakash
Country - USA
University - Purdue University

"Shortlisting of universities according to my profile was a meticulous job done perfectly. Documentation and Visa preparation was one of the other outstanding aspects offered by my counselor. Excellent!!"

Name - Chetan Raipurkar
Country -UK
University - Cardiff University

"Edwise went out of their way to help me prepare for my applications even though my course was a unique and a specialized one. They ensured that I met all my deadlines. They over prepare you for the Visa interview which I really appreciated. I'm wholeheartedly thankful to Edwise for its good work."

Name - Rahul Shinde
Country - Ireland
University - niversity College Cork

"Edwise has done a wonderful job and I thank each person at Edwise who has helped me get here in time. I am absolutely overwhelmed and appreciate the support provided by you people. It was a wonderful experience interacting with everyone at Edwise. I shall definitely recommend anyone who wants to study abroad to come to Edwise. I got the right suggestion at the right time from everyone including my Academic Counsellor to my Visa Counsellor and due to their support and hard work I am here at my dream destination."

Name - Sanjiv Vishwanath
Country - Australia
University - Griffith University

"The starting point of my higher education was Edwise. With their help and guidance I was able to clear my VISA process without any problem. Though the admission procedure was stressful, Edwise did everything in their power to make it less strenuous. All together my experience with Edwise was a pleasant one."

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant

We at Edwise streamline and personalize the process for each student irrespective of the destination, institution, course or any level of study. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you individual attention and exceptional guidance throughout your process of application. We provide assistance related to course selections, admission, visa, bank-loan and scholarships. We also host University delegates for direct student interaction and all these services are provided free of cost. We have established since 1991 and have been maintaining strong networks with over 725 universities in 16 countries, hence giving us a unique insight into the finest educational establishments worldwide.

Start your education overseas with valuable information on everything you need to know about studying abroad from study permits, temporary resident visas and how much it costs, to finding the best suited program for you.

Do visit your nearest Edwise branch & choose your university carefully under our expert guidance and ensure that you have all your paperwork in order. Once you apply, and the wait is over, you can really begin to look forward to not only studying in a beautiful and vibrant country, but also to a life experience quite like no other.

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