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COVID-19 Updates from 5 Top Universities in UK

October 2020

A significant number of students from India decide to study in UK, and the onset of the pandemic left them confused with the next step of action. As leading study in UK consultants, Edwise realises how tiresome this process can be. Therefore, if you are a prospective student looking to study in UK, here is the latest COVID-19 updated from top universities.

1. University of Edinburgh

  • Students are asked to start their education online and attend classes on-campus when possible.
  • Open days are conducted virtually to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Application deadlines are the same and applications are being accepted.
  • With test centres being closed across the globe, this university in the UK is accepting certain online English tests. Coupled with this, the list of authorized universities is increased.
  • Several provisions for those students with conditional offer letters are also placed.
  • Students also have the opportunity to defer their applications.
  • The university is also ensuring safe accommodation facilities for its students.

2. The University of Manchester

  • The university offered students the opportunity to switch from campus to online classes. Moreover, they could also get in touch with their schools to garner further information about the prospective delay in arrival.
  • Subject to the approval of the school, students can interrupt their studies for this academic year. Not just this, but as one of the top universities in UK, they are also giving the opportunity to defer their applications.
  • Moreover, campus accommodation is following strict safety measures to ensure the protection of the health of the student.

3. King's College London

  • Apart from participating in research activities for the pandemic, King's College London has ensured to make provisions that cater to the needs of the students.
  • Whilst the orientation programs were conducted virtually, students who are unable to attend classes on-campus are offered all means of support to study remotely.
  • Staggering time, limited class sizes, virtual delivery methods are the main features.
  • Students will have a personal tutor that they can get in touch with, in case of any queries and social activities are conducted with a mix of online and offline activities.
  • Whilst on-campus students will have access to all services provided they follow the requisite safety measures.

4. University of Bristol

  • Throughout the academic year, students will be met with a blend of learning, to ensure that students are safe, those residing in campus accommodation will have to take into account the new measures.
  • Students deciding to study in UK will receive ample student support services.
  • Group work is encouraged so that students can interact and network with one another.
  • Live online learning, self-study tasks and all classes for the academic year will be conducted online.
  • Teaching hours are extended and provisions to accommodate offline classes are looked into.
  • IT support and provisions for those who cannot travel to study in UK are also offered.

5. University of Warwick

  • The teaching methodology will cover a form of blended learning with the requirement of social distancing.
  • Students will be greeted with virtual open days and various support services will be offered to them online as well as offline.
  • Students are encouraged to connect virtually and modes of financial assistance are also offered.
  • Moreover, several travel guidelines are put in place.

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