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8 Facts About Study In Ireland

September 2022

It takes independent thinkers and doers to succeed in today’s world - and it takes a pioneering, creative and agile country to produce them. That country is Ireland.

Renowned for its history in Education - Ireland is known as 'The Land of Saints and Scholar's. Its universities offer first-rate education in a traditional, yet modern setting. Thousands of study programmes at over two dozen schools attract international students from around the world.

Consistently ranked in the world's top 20 countries for exceptional quality of life, peace, and human development, Ireland is increasingly becoming a top choice among Indian students. With a vibrant culture that rewards entrepreneurial spirit and offers multiple opportunities to grow professionally, the country will teach you lessons that go beyond the class curriculum. The friendliness and hospitality for which the Irish people are renowned contributes to the ease with which overseas students adapt to the way of life and in particular, student life in Ireland.

The deep-rooted Irish culture of creativity and problem-solving has made this destination stand out on a global stage, and the students each year from their leading colleges are highly sought after in diverse industries and in markets all over the world.

Best Student-Friendly Cities In Ireland

1. Compulsory Irish Education : The Irish education system is made up of primary, second, third-level, and further education. Irish children between the ages of 6 to 16 are subject to compulsory education. Also, education is compulsory until students have completed 3 years of second-level education.

2. No Religious Influence : In the Republic of Ireland, nearly all primary schools are state-funded but the vast majority of these schools are owned and managed by religious bodies. State curriculum dictates that schools do not offer religious instruction or faith formation for a particular religion during the school day, but instead offer religious education in which students learn about a range of different religions and beliefs.

3. Irish Education Structure : In Ireland, undergraduate (Bachelor's) degrees are free for citizens from Ireland, EU/EEA countries, and Switzerland. Higher Education Authority (HEA) covers the costs of education. However, not all undergraduate courses offered by public universities are free. Universities in Ireland offer very specific job oriented programs. These programs are industry focused and are highly specialized. Programs in Ireland Universities and Colleges are drafted in accordance with industry requirements. Masters in Ireland is for 1 year. However, there are some universities in Ireland that offer 2 years Master's programs.

4. Post-Study Visa : One of the most interesting study facts of Ireland is the post-study visa the country offers. This makes it easier for international students to look for job opportunities in the country after they graduate and, once they have found employment, they are then eligible to apply for a green card/work permit. In addition, the Irish government has also agreed to extend the stay back option’ to two years from one year for non-EU/EEA students who study at level 9 or above in the national framework.

5. Scholarships : There are plenty of generous scholarship opportunities available in Ireland for international students. For example, Trinity College Dublin offers bursaries worth £5,000, NCI Galway £2,000, and UCD provides 50% and 100% discounts on your tuition fees.

6. English Language : Although Irish Gaelic is recognized as the official language of Ireland, only 36% of the Irish population speak it and the country is predominantly English spoken. All courses in Ireland universities and colleges are in English language. Hence it is extremely easy for international students to adjust in an entirely new country. However, living and studying in Ireland is a great way to improve your listening and speaking abilities.

7. Part-Time Jobs : You can make some extra money, or earn valuable work experience in an English-speaking environment while studying in Ireland. Students can work up to 20 hours during semester months and 40 hours during holidays.

8. Other Intersting Facts : i. Republic of Ireland is a part of European Union. Northern Ireland with Belfast as it's Capital is a part of United Kingdom. Southern Ireland or Republic of Ireland is a part of European Union (EU). Capital of Republic of Ireland is Dublin. ii. Ireland has offices of World's top Medical Device Companies. iii. It is the World's second largest exporter of software. Ireland universities are known for their computer/ software related programs. iv. Ireland is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe with Government of Ireland's focus to make it an IT hub. Ireland has World reputation for Data Science & Analytics, Cyber Security, Networking, Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence. v. It is home to more than 1500 MNCs such as Google, Amazon, Audi, Facebook, Boston Scientific, Baxter, Apple, Ebay, Medtronic, etc.

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