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5 things you must pack to study abroad

Considerations a student makes when packing to study abroad are starkly different from those which are made while traveling for a holiday. It can be an arduous task to pack your entire life in a suitcase; students often commit the blunder of over packing and are then left hassled scouring for a solution.

The primary determination while packing for overseas education is the geographical location of the country; the climatic conditions largely determine the items that a student must carry when looking to study abroad. If the university is located in the city, majority of the items can be availed there. Thus, it would be redundant to carry a lot of items that can be made available in the foreign country itself. Cultural considerations need to be made to assure one that the clothes packed are culturally appropriate. It is imperative to verify the weight limit of baggage to avoid any discrepancies.


Given below are generic items that all individuals must carry when looking to study abroad:


Avoid carrying excess clothes, only necessary ones should be packed. Doing laundry at the university can be a difficult task, thus carrying a limited number of clothes will prove to be beneficial for you. Weather considerations are paramount when deciding to carry items such as jackets. Avoid taking with you multiple casual clothes, universities often have formal events and thus taking formal attire will be an impeccable decision. If the weather at destination country is starkly varied from that at home, it will be a wiser decision to purchase clothes from there because it will not only be available at a lower cost but also be more appropriate.

Crucial documents

Taking along necessary documents such as passport, student ID, visa, local currency, credit or debit card and local currency will act as means of survival in a foreign land when you are attaining your education abroad. When undertaking packing decisions, it is crucial to take along with you all necessary documents which act as identity makers in another country.


Many countries restrict certain medications within their geographical boundaries. However, upon verifying the regulations of the country carry along with you certain medications which can be used during emergencies.


As mentioned earlier, universities hold multitude of formal events throughout the year. Countries abroad are very specific about the dress code and thus taking along with you appropriate footwear or other accessories will help you fit in place with other university students. Due to the high cost attached with transportation facilities, one thing that will definitely increase upon availing an education abroad is the amount of time you will spend walking from one place to another. Therefore it is important to take along with you walking shoes to help reduce the probable leg ache.


Electronic items such as a cellphones and laptops will be imperative at the university. An international phone plan will be necessary to benefit low cost communication. A universal adapter will be imperative to operate the electronic gadgets. Certain applications such as navigation, transport and food apps would have to be installed to have a smooth study abroad experience.

Taking snacks from home can be a blessing on certain blue days; however certain countries look down upon the same and thus country specific research needs to be undertaken before packing any eatables. Carry a limited number of toiletries, because most items will be available at supermarkets there. Shun away from carrying irrelevant items such as styling kits or precious jewelry which have likelihoods of being stolen. The location of the country and duration of the course will be crucial determinants of what to pack.


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