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5 Reasons to study in Dublin

October 2021

The beautiful capital of the country of Ireland, Dublin. It is famous for many reasons. It is also one of the six UNESCO cities of literature. Dublin secured its place in the 8th position for study abroad. It has many universities that are world-renowned and has been in the Noble Prize Winner lists.

Many international students come to Dublin to seek world-class knowledge. The universities in Dublin offer a wide range of curriculum activities for students. They also host numerous events like book festivals. Dublin attracts lakhs of tourists every year. This article will provide you with 5 reasons to study in Dublin.

Study in Dublin

1. The eminent universities: while choosing the university to enrol in, one will get confused because there are many eminent universities in Dublin that provide world-class education. According to the research, 56 percent of international students come to Dublin to pursue their higher education. Along with the curriculum universities also host sports and club activities. Every year around 120,000 students graduate from these prestigious universities. Universities also have beautiful campuses and also provide on-campus facilities like a medical emergency.

2. Rich in culture and history: Dublin is a rich and exciting city. Wandering around the road of Dublin will give a person some of the other information because every corner is filled with some interesting history. The beautiful castle, Georgian agriculture, Gothic cathedrals are the places that give a vibrant history. Dublin is the home of literature because of the legend literary Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, and Samuel Beckett. You can also learn more about these legends at Dublin's Writer Museum. Dubliners celebrate are very excited about St. Patrick's Day, they look forward to this day. On this day they come on the street of Dublin to celebrate. It is a global celebration of Irish culture. Dubliners love to celebrate, so one will never get bored in this city.

3. Welcoming Atmosphere: Dublin ranks 6th friendliest city in the world. The local people of Dublin are very helpful and kind to strangers. They welcome the international students with an open arm. Research shows that the students always appreciate the hospitality and the warmth of Dublin's people. It also shows that they say people here are one of the most enriching parts of their time in Dublin. The city is multicultural and is one of the safest cities in the world.

4. Great place to sit and study: if you are a bookworm or loves to spend time reading books, so there are many libraries as well as coffee shops in Dublin even near the universities where you can sit and have plenty of self-time. It is great to study in a peaceful atmosphere and munching some delicious desserts and sipping hot coffee. Not just the libraries or the coffee shops to have a peaceful study time. Many people also prefer parks to study and the most popular and the 350 years old park is Phoenix Park. It is also the largest park in the city.

5. Employment Opportunities: Dublin is the home to famous multinational companies. If one is looking to gain a world recognition experience, Dublin is the place. It is also a centre of international banking. Not just Dublin, Ireland is home to international companies that mean if one doesn't want to get a job out of Dublin, Ireland still can be the place.

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Which universities in Dublin are the finest for international students?

Dublin, Ireland's capital, is home to several outstanding universities that attract a huge number of international students who study in Dublin. The universities listed below are among the best universities in Dublin known for their academic brilliance and are preferred by foreign students.

With a varied student body and a plethora extracurricular activities, these colleges offer a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for international students. When selecting the university in Dublin for international students, it's critical to research and consider specific program offerings, entrance requirements, and other variables that correspond with your academic and personal aspirations.

What are the most well-liked courses in Dublin for international students?

Dublin is a popular location for international students seeking a high-quality education. Numerous courses in many different subjects are available in the city. Some of the most popular courses to study in Dublin include:

  1. Business and Management
  2. Information Technology and Computer Science
  3. Engineering
  4. Arts and Humanities
  5. Sciences and Health Sciences
  6. Hospitality and Tourism
  7. Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  8. Social Sciences
  9. Media and Communications
  10. International Business and Global Studies

These are just a few of the popular courses to study in Dublin for international students. Finding the program that best suits your interests and professional objectives requires thorough research on particular universities and their course offerings.

What prerequisites must be met in order to study in Dublin as an international student?

There are numerous conditions to study in Dublin as an international student. The following are the general requirements:

  1. Entry Requirements: This requires submitting an application form, academic records, and evidence of English language proficiency (viz., TOEFL or IELTS results). A portfolio, a statement of purpose, or recommendation letters may also be needed.
  2. Educational Requirements: Study abroad Dublin requires a high school diploma or its equivalent for undergraduate programs. In general, postgraduate programs require a suitable bachelor's degree or an equivalent certification.
  3. Valid Passport: A current passport issued by your home nation is required.
  4. Student Visa: You should apply for a student visa through the Irish embassy or consulate in your home country after receiving admission to a university.
  5. Funding: You must demonstrate that you have the finances to support yourself financially during your study in Dublin.
  6. English Language Proficiency: The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are two widely acknowledged language exams.
  7. Medical Insurance: While studying in Dublin, having comprehensive health insurance is advised.

For the most precise and current information about the requirements to study in Dublin for international students, get in touch with your preferred educational institution as well as the Irish embassy or consulate in your country.

How much does it cost to study in Dublin as an international student?

The cost to study in Dublin as an international student depends on numerous aspects, viz., the university or college, the program, level of study, and the individual's lifestyle preferences.

In general, when compared to other Irish cities, studying in Dublin can be fairly expensive. Here are some cost estimates to get you started:

  1. Tuition costs: International students' tuition costs might vary significantly depending on the school and the program of study. Undergraduate programs may range between €10,000 and €25,000 annually, whilst postgraduate programs may cost between €10,000 and €35,000 annually or more for specialised programs like medicine or business.
  2. Accommodation: Accommodations are often expensive in Dublin. On-campus or university-managed housing might cost between €6,000 and €10,000 per academic year. Depending on the area and quality, renting a private home or a shared flat off-campus can cost you anywhere from €600 to €1,500 per month.
  3. Living Costs: Dublin has a comparatively high cost of living. Monthly living expenses, which include food, transit, utilities, and recreational activities, range between €800 and €1,500.
  4. Health Insurance: Study in Dublin for international students requires them to obtain health insurance during their education. Health insurance costs vary, but an average estimate is between €300 and €600 annually.
  5. Books and Study Resources: Depending on your program of study, books and study materials will cost between €500 and €1,000 annually.

These values are estimations and may vary depending on personal preferences and situations. For accurate and current information on tuition costs and other expenses, contact the specific university or college you are considering.

What are the finest places for international students to live in Dublin?

Depending on personal interests and objectives, the best places to live in Dublin for international students can change. For students who study in Dublin, the following areas come highly recommended for their practicality, student-friendly culture, and closeness to colleges:

  1. Rathmines
  2. Drumcondra
  3. Stoneybatter
  4. Dublin City Centre
  5. Phibsborough
  6. Ranelagh
  7. Ballsbridge

When deciding among the best places to live in Dublin as an international student, keep in mind things like your university's vicinity, affordability, transit alternatives, and personal preferences.

What are the finest things for international students to do in Dublin?

Dublin, Ireland's dynamic city, provides a variety of attractions and activities for overseas students. Some of the best things to do in Dublin are listed below:

  1. Discover Dublin's Historic Sites
  2. Experience the Exciting Nightlife
  3. Take a trip to the Guinness Storehouse
  4. Discover Museums and Galleries
  5. Learn About Dublin's Parks
  6. Participate in Cultural Festivals
  7. Discover the Coastal Regions
  8. Check out Kilmainham Gaol
  9. Street markets are fun
  10. Go on day trips

Always check the availability and opening times of attractions or events because they can change. Enjoy your trip in Dublin and soak up the wonderful hospitality of the Irish people!

Colleges in Ireland

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