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5 Facts To Know Before You Visit New Zealand

February 2022

New Zealand has gained ground in the international education sector in the last few years. From high-quality education to an unsurpassable lifestyle, this is a wonderful place to live and learn. It has a varied education system with 8 universities, 16 Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics, and a number of private institutions, all known for world-class education. The New Zealand study abroad experience is in a class by itself with perfect programs for students from every major. The education system is supervised with strong graded assurance systems offering flexibility to pick institution of choice, in any preferred city or town and rest assured of quality education. Ranking second on the Global Peace Index 2019, New Zealand is undoubtedly the safest country to study in. New Zealand has the right mix of opportunities, culture, economy, and climate to thrive for an Indian student. One great boon of studying in New Zealand is the unique approach to education which encourages students to think as an individual and find their own solutions, thereby developing unique strengths and ideas whilst studying in the country.

Universities in New Zealand offer education at all the traditional levels; Undergraduate (Bachelor's), Postgraduate (Master's), and Doctoral (PhD). There are options to gain specific qualifications, such as Graduate Diplomas and Honours. These types of study generally last one year.

Study in New Zealand

This blog throws light on some lesser-known facts of New Zealand

Eight Universities

Contradictory to its geographical size, there are only eight universities in the whole country, stretching across the two islands. These 8 universities are the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), University of Waikato, Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, University of Otago. All New Zealand's universities are ranked in the top 500 Universities in the world. New Zealand is considered to be the only country to have all its universities ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide

Land Of The Long White Cloud

Being located in one of the most mountainous regions of the world, it is always expected to experience weather that typically ranges from the 50s to the low 70s throughout the year, with a possibility of sporadic rain. New Zealand weather also tends to be cooler in the south than in the north, and the coldest time of the year there is between June and August. The most fascinating feature of New Zealand is that oftentimes you can experience all four seasons in a day.


If you ever feel like you should go out and travel during vacations, be convinced not to have to break your bank. Currently, $1 USD is equivalent to $1.49 NZD, but there are several ways to keep money in your wallet. Typically, a meal should cost you less than $15, and many program options include meals with host families. Usually, a day hike at a national park is free, as well as camping, unless otherwise stated.

You Can Study Abroad At Any Time

No matter when you want to study abroad in New Zealand, it's a perfect time. You can pick from a variety of programs, ranging from summer, semester, and full-year exchange, to short-term multi-country travel and study experiences. You can take classes alongside local students and learn about the history, native language, ecology, and local social and political issues of the country.

Permit To Gain Further Exposure

If at the end of your semester, you want to stick around for a while, you can apply for a working holiday visa in New Zealand and spend up to a year working and adding skills to your CV. The Working Holiday visa is a multiple-entry visa that is available to young people aged 18-30 giving them plenty of time to experience everything that New Zealand has to offer.

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Universities in New Zealand

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