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5 Countries Where it is Easy to Get a Student Visa

July 2023

One of the main points to be considered before studying abroad is applying for a visa. There are some nations which have an easy procedure for student applying for a visa. This means that the student need not submit any extra information. Although for getting the visa, one has to pass all the checks laid down by the country's immigration laws and the student is required to submit all the documents. The top countries to study abroad for international students have students coming from all over the world. This gives them a huge spectrum to choose from.

Master's in the USA

The ease of getting a visa will depend on factors such as nationality, desired country, specified visa requirements and individual circumstances. Although no country has an "easy" process for the applicants, there is a straightforward process for visa application.

Here are some best countries for student visa

Student Visa for UK

In the past, UK had strict laws for international student visa. Now, the student visa process has eased down for the postgraduate students who can study at some of the best universities in the world.

The student visa duration will be valid the end of the course. To get the visa, one has to obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS).

According to the new points system one will have to provide proof of sufficient funds and English language requirements.

The student can work for 20 hours per week during the term on the UK student visa that includes no restriction during vacations. Once the course is completed, student visa renewal can be done by the student . They can apply for a new graduate visa which is a post-study work visa valid for two years.

Student Visa for Canada

Canada is a welcoming country for student visa. It offers a straight forward process for visa process. Canada has a seperate student visa pathway called "Study permit" which allows foreign students to study at certain learning institutions. Canada also gives permit for working post-study. This allows the students to gain work experience while or after studying.

The student visa cost may cost up to CAD $150. The student visa duration is valid till the end of the course along with additional 90 days. The permit gives the permission to work for 20 hours per week with no limit during holidays.

Student Visa for Australia

Australia has a very transparent student visa system. Subclass 500 visa is the primary visa for international students in Australia. Australia provides a temporary post-work opportunities for international graduates. The student visa cost AUD $630. The visa takes four weeks to be processed.Student visa duration is for 4-5 years depending on the course taken. After studies, the person can work for unlimited hours.

Student Visa for New Zealand

New Zealand has a welcoming attitude towards international students. Through the student visa, the students get the approval to study at approved educational institutions. New Zealand provides post-study work opportunities for international graduates through post-study work visa.

For applying for a visa in New Zealand, one has to provide a proof on an offer sent by the university and the sufficient funds along with character certificate for visa completion process. Apart from this, proof of language proficiency will be required to complete the application process. The student visa in New Zealand is valid for four years depending on the course. The student is allowed to work for 20 hours per week with no limit of working during holidays.

Student Visa for Germany

Germany is one country that is known for its international student-friendly policies. Germany gives permission for work for international graduates. Your application for a German student visa will typically take up to 25 days to process. Depending on the nation and German embassy you apply to, the processing period varies. A student visa renewal is available for the student studying in Germany. The student gets up to 9 months additional time after completing the course.

How to apply for student visa?

Every country, depending on its immigration laws has a specific list of documents. However, while the exact requirements are different in terms of actual terms, the list is generic. However, there are two documents which you would require certainly. The documents include:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Bonafide certificate
  3. Language proficiency test score

The ways through which student visa can be applied

1. Receive an acceptance letter: First, you need to apply and gain admission to a recognized educational institution in the country you wish to study in. Once accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter or enrollment certificate.

2. Research visa requirements: Visit the official website of the country's embassy or consulate in your home country to understand the specific student visa requirements. Each country may have different criteria, such as financial documents, health insurance, language proficiency tests, and more.

3. Gather necessary documents: Collect all the required documents according to the visa requirements. This typically includes your passport, acceptance letter, completed visa application form, passport-sized photographs, proof of financial means to support your studies and living expenses, proof of health insurance, and any additional documents mentioned by the embassy or consulate.

4. Pay the visa fee: Check the visa fee and pay it as per the instructions provided by the embassy or consulate. Keep the payment receipt as proof of payment.

5. Complete the visa application: Fill out the student visa application form accurately and honestly. Attach all the necessary documents and photographs as specified by the embassy or consulate.

6. Schedule an appointment: In some cases, you may need to schedule an appointment to submit your visa application and attend an interview at the embassy or consulate. Check the specific requirements on the embassy's website and follow the instructions to book an appointment if required.

7. Attend the interview: If an interview is necessary, prepare for it by reviewing your application, supporting documents, and being ready to answer questions about your study plans, financial situation, and intent to return to your home country after completing your studies.

8. Wait for visa processing: After submitting your application and attending the interview (if required), one will have to wait for the embassy or consulate to process your application. The processing time can vary, so it's advisable to apply well in advance of your intended travel date.

9. Receive your visa: Once your visa application is approved, one will be issued a student visa sticker or stamp in your passport. Make sure to collect your passport with the visa from the embassy or consulate as per their instructions.

10. Plan your travel: With your student visa in hand, one can now make arrangements for your travel to the country where you'll be studying. Remember to review the visa conditions, including the validity period, any travel restrictions, and any additional requirements upon arrival.

What is the process for applying for a student visa?

The process for applying for a student visa begins with your university offering you a letter of acceptance. Candidates can apply for their visa via two methods:

Online Visa Application Process


The more convenient of the two, candidates can apply for their student visa through the online method by simply creating a student profile. The forms are all online and would have to be correctly filled by the student.

Offline Visa Application Process


The offline visa process would require candidates to download the application form, fill in the details and submit it to the required authorities.


For applying for a visa, it becomes necessary to consult the official website of the website or consulate of the country, consult a person who is a visa officer. One has to make sure he or she gets the accurate and detailed information regarding the student visa application process.


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