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5 Best Courses to Study in New Zealand

December 2023

New Zealand offers a wide range of programs across its private, polytechnics, training institutions and universities. New Zealand has a diverse and multicultural society with student support facilities available for international students including academic counselling and assistance and orientation programs.

5 Best Courses to Study in New Zealand

Why study in New Zealand?

Globally recognised qualifications from universities

All 8 universities of New Zealand consistently rank well in QS world ranking and Times Higher ranking education. Most of these universities opens doors to many prospects across the globe. It ensures that the institutions are registered in order to enrol and comply with international standards.

Focus on research based learning

New Zealand's education system is influenced by UK's education system. It focuses on research-based learning while dealing in a systematic manner. Studying in a country like New Zealand will teach one to think critically, solve problems and benefit the most from student-teacher interaction. The students will get a chance to imply the knowledge gained. New Zealand has been providing many opportunities to its international students. The country has been equipped with latest laboratories, latest technology, experienced faculty members, research and development in various areas like healthcare, physics, geology, engineering, astronomy, computer science and a lot more.

A safe and peaceful nation

New Zealand ranks fourth on the Global Peace Index 2023. This speaks a lot about New Zealand in terms of social tolerance, political stability of Kiwi democracy. As an international student or citizen, one will have the same rights as a Kiwi citizen.

Good quality of life

New Zealand has a multi-cultured environment and the people here exist in harmony. There are many natural landscapes including snow-capped mountains and volcanoes. Living here will give an experience of natural beauty and culture.

Factors to be considered before choosing a course

  • One can consider their personal interests and goals while selecting the course. In addition, fixing a goal is preferred.
  • Research about the job market and demand for specific skills.
  • Make sure that the course aligns with the institution and is recognised by relevant authorities.
  • Have a look at the subjects covered. There are internships and placement options available.
  • An important factor to be considered is the reputation of the institution.
  • Understand the immigration policies of the country.
  • Consider the flexibility of the course. Also, check for specialisations or transfer of credits between two courses or degrees.
  • Check for student support facility.

Top 5 courses in New Zealand

There are many courses offered by the universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Here are some in-demand courses in 2023:


Engineering is a course that has many specialisations such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering. These are some of the popular choices for students who are interested in infrastructure and building structures.

Agricultural Science

This is among the best courses in New Zealand as it educates students about detailed knowledge of agriculture and at the same time makes them aware of the changes that are happening in this field. Since agriculture is an important part of a nation’s economy, therefore, this course is a popular choice among students. Students who take this course can get employment opportunities in areas like dairy and sheep farming, marketing and technology transfer, services industry, etc.


Students enrolled in this interdisciplinary course will have the chance to do independent research. This course places a strong focus on teaching students about the new concerns in the tourism industry while also keeping them well grounded in the fundamental ideas of the sector. The fact that New Zealand institutions provide an ideal blend of theoretical and practical knowledge is a big factor as to why this course is among the best in the country. Students who enrol in this course can improve their critical thinking skills and gain a deeper grasp of the tourist industry.

Information Technology

Technology industry being one of the growing industries in the world covers a wide range of specialisations including data science, computer science, information technology, etc.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences is one of the most popular courses that attracts many students. The universities provides specialisations across various courses under health science such as public health, nursing and a lot more.

Environmental Sciences

New Zealand puts emphasis on various aspects of environmental conservation such as sustainability, ecology, sustainability studies and related fields. With practical training, students’ can gain a considerable amount of exposure in the industry.

Business Administration

Globally, the MBA is now the most renowned degree. This course is the most flexible option for achieving success in the corporate world since it provides an ideal balance between theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. A New Zealand MBA is significantly less expensive than one from another country since Kiwi universities provide cutting-edge smart classrooms and frequent seminars to improve your communication and presentation abilities. Gaining an MBA improves your managerial abilities and equips you to recognise and anticipate current business trends for success in the future. Universities in New Zealand employ diverse techniques to assess students at different phases, aiming to enhance their managerial abilities.

Best cities in New Zealand for pursuing a program

New Zealand is a nation known for its education, lifestyle and a lot more. A student willing to pursue education in New Zealand can study in the following cities:

  1. Wellington
  2. Auckland
  3. Hamilton
  4. Christchurch
  5. Dunedin

Career opportunities

New Zealand is a country that has many job opportunities across various sectors. Here are some career opportunities after graduation in New Zealand:

  • Engineer
  • Architect
  • Medical doctor
  • Banker
  • Financial analyst
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Actuarial

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Courses in New Zealand

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