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10 things to know before studying in USA

Studying in the USA is an enticing opportunity to not only augment one's career prospects but also enhance their world view. The challenging experience will help prepare students for the ordeals faced in the real world. USA, is a prominent study abroad destination that has a distinctive education system. It comprises of public universities, private and technical institutions, Ivy Leagues and community colleges, all of which provide impeccable programs.

After an arduous application process, if you have managed to bag a place amongst one of the top US colleges and universities, here are the 10 things you should know before you start studying in the USA:



Being late is looked down upon, when looking to reach classes during courses in USA make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than the asked time. Punctuality is highly regarded. Not only, will it woe the professors but also allow you to settle in and get a feel of the environment. US colleges and universities imbibe in students a variety of skills out of which, punctuality takes a foremost position.


Being a country know for diverse cultures, nearly every imaginable cuisine is offered in the country. Keep in mind that food portions in the USA tend to be quite big. Studying in the USA is beyond what you learn in classrooms, thus seeping in its culture from all possible avenues becomes necessary. And there's no better way to do this, than from food. Eating together is also an excellent way of interacting with people and broadening one's network circle.

Use the subway

Although students may be tempted to take a cab, using the subway will not only save cost but also allow you to reach your destination sooner. US colleges and universities tend to be located in areas that are easy accessible through these means of public transport.

Give Tips

Although giving tips to waiters are looked down upon in certain countries, it is a common culture in USA. Therefore, customers are expected to tip after their meals. Many restaurants follow the expectations of being paid a certain percentage of the bill. As a student who has decided to study in USA, you will tend to go out for meals with your friends, being aware of the same norm will save you from having that embarrassing moment.

Health Insurance

Unlike some countries, USA does not have a universal health insurance. There are private insurance providers, who provide their services. Thus, inform your insurance provider regarding your study plans, so that they can curate a health insurance plan for you.

Driving in USA

Students should be aware of the fact, that unlike India, USA drives on the right side of the road. Moreover, honking is prohibited in certain states, unless absolutely necessary. Since in India we are accustomed to honk at the drop of a hat, it becomes important to be aware of the rule to avoid falling prey to this mistake.

Universities are called Colleges

In the USA, the terms universities and colleges are used synonymously. Thus, to avoid confusion know that they both mean institutions of higher education. US colleges and universities are known to provide impeccable education facilities to its students.

Study Material is expensive

Textbooks used for reference during courses in USA are often exorbitantly priced. However, there are other avenues to undertake reference work which include, second hand books, online resource materials, libraries, borrowing etc. Thus, you will never be at the dearth of resource materials.

Involve yourself in sports

Involving yourself in sports doesn't necessarily mean playing it, but can also be understood as being an active onlooker. Sports such as basketball and baseball are famous and often form a large component of the university experience. Thus, having a brief idea regarding the said sports will allow you to be a part of conversations during your study in USA experience.


Upon enrollment of a program, if students wishes to change their majors they are at the liberty to do so. Not only this, they also present the opportunity to switch between universities as an exchange student. Thus, the US education system is known for its incorporation of flexibility in programs.

Now that you are well aware of certain nuances of the culture, you are ready to commence your study in USA journey.


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