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1 Year STEM Courses in the USA

May 2022

The United States of America is one of the highly regarded educational destinations across the globe. Each year a good deal of students from every corner of the world send applications to the top-ranked institutions in the USA to get exposure to the exquisite education offered in the country and secure their future.

1 year STEM courses in the USA

For any study abroad pursuant, the USA is a land of opportunities. It is one of the most distinguished, prestigious higher education systems in the world. It has a picturesque landscape and is multicultural.

STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM stimulates a cross-disciplinary and pragmatic approach to teaching students in the above-mentioned subjects. STEM puts together the four disciplines instead of teaching them as autonomous curricula, making students ready for real-world application. The United States of America has conventionally been one of the top countries in STEM education support. To keep abreast with the up-to-the-minute research and training, top schools in the United States persistently modify their programmes into their curricula and streamline their syllabus.

What are 1 Year STEM Courses In USA?

These courses cover numerous degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, Science, and Technology. A multitude of top-ranking institutions in the United States have started offering STEM courses to international students since the inception of STEM. These courses not only accentuate educational content fostering amateur minds but also boost up the number of women studying technology and research-oriented courses. STEM courses cover technical peculiarities as opposed to standard course, making pursuant more keen on learning and acclimatizing knowledge.

The significant demand for STEM courses can be accredited to lucrative and appeasing STEM-related careers.

Eligibility Criteria to study 1 Year STEM Courses In USA

  1. Science: 10+2 accompanied by a 3 year Bachelor's degree in Science Honors
  2. Technology: 10+2 with a 4-year standard Bachelor's degree in any technological or related field.
  3. Engineering: 10+2 with a 4-year formal Bachelor's degree in Engineering or an allied field.
  4. Mathematics: 10+2 accompanied by a 3 year Bachelor's degree in Math Honors
  5. For a Master's degree, a candidate should have at his disposal a Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 60% in STEM.
  6. IELTS score: 6
  7. TOEFL score: 80/s
  8. PTE score: 50
  9. Qualifying aptitude assessments like GRE, GMAT

The application process to study 1 Year Stem Courses In USA

  1. Confirm the university's intakes and make a note of the deadlines.
  2. Attempt the required aptitude assessment tests and English proficiency examinations.
  3. Visit the university's website to apply directly, or apply via Edwise International to receive an offer letter, visa assistance, forex and loan assistance, and pre-departure counseling, among other benefits.
  4. Documents required for admission: Transcripts of grades, Recommendation letters (If applicable), ACT/SAT/GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Academic score reports.
  5. An updated resume
  6. Statement of Purpose

Career opportunities for 1 Year Stem Courses In USA

STEM courses lay the groundwork for you to secure lucrative and fulfilling career opportunities. Students who pursue STEM courses in the United States of America can avail to their benefit America's alluring employment prospects.

Placement in the STEM industry offers terrific pay packages on an equal footing with the level of life in the United States of America. Given below is a list of potential employment opportunities:

  1. Astronomer
  2. Biochemist
  3. Chemical Engineer
  4. Clinical informaticist
  5. Computer scientist
  6. Data analyst
  7. Epidemiologist
  8. Geologist
  9. Mathematician
  10. Materials engineer
  11. Mechanical Engineer
  12. Nutritional Scientist
  13. Physician
  14. Statistician
  15. Zoologist

Candidates pursuing STEM courses enjoy competitive remuneration and the conveniences of facilitating higher education on an international level and are more sought-after than non-STEM graduates. STEM education is a requisite for upholding the position of a global leader.

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Stem Courses in USA for International Students

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