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Toronto Film College


Toronto Film College was made so that students who wished for training in film and television production could have their dream. The institute is an accredited private career college based in Toronto in Canada. The college offers diplomas and certificates in film arts and production, dramatic arts, film promotion, and scriptwriting. Do you want to Edit, Shoot, Write or Direct feature films, TV music videos or documentaries? Toronto Media & Film College is the right College for you!


Every Instructor is a working pro who has a distinguished record of achievement in film production, music videos or scriptwriting. They teach you the skills you need to start your career!


You train on broadcast quality professional HD cameras, studio lights, plus Arriflex motion picture cameras and the RED camera – the hottest new camera used by professional filmmakers. This provides you with a real advantage when you graduate because you actually train on the equipment that is used in the feature film or TV industry.


We have the best career counseling system in the business –the proprietary Career Start Program . Every student receives an Action Binder that they use to create and organize a job search plan. Students also learn how to write a winning resume for the entertainment industry and professional cover letters. The result is an integrated program for launching a successful career.


The best Instructors. The best Equipment. The best Career Counseling .

































Location & Facilities

36 Eglinton Ave. West, 7/F, Toronto, Ontario, M4R 1A1
Telephone: 416-484-1577 or 1-800-568-8090, Fax: 416-484-1567


Toronto Film College is a private career college located in Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. It offers diplomas and certificates in film arts and production, dramatic arts, film promotion, and scriptwriting. The college has facilities like studios, digital cameras, and editing software like Final Cut Pro. The course consists of theory classes, practical experience, workshops, projects, and internships.
































List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • Programs
  • Acting Certificate
  • Dramatic Arts Diploma Program
  • Film Arts & Production Diploma
  • Film Promotion & Distribution Diploma
  • Filmmaking Certificate
  • Screenwriting Certificate
  • Scriptwriting Diploma Program
  • VFX & Animation Certificate




































Courses Offered

Sr.no Ug/Pg Program
1 UG Dip Film arts and production
2 UG Dip Music video production
3 UG Dip Script writing





































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Fall –September and the deadline is July 1st
























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