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James Cook University


James Cook University (JCU) is Queensland’s second oldest university, celebrating 40 years in 2010, and is recognised as Australia’s national university for the tropics. In 2009 James Cook University was listed in the top 500 Universities in the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking, placing it in the top 5% of universities worldwide. The Good Universities Guide gave James Cook University Australia a 5 Star ranking for Positive Graduate Outcomes and Getting a Job in 2010.


The Brisbane Campus, located in the central business district of Australia’s third largest city, was established in 2006 to deliver high quality degree programs to international students. JCU Brisbane students have overwhelmingly indicated that they chose to study at the Brisbane campus because of the wide range of opportunities provided to them through the services offered by the campus.


  • AUD1,000 High Distinction Bursary Award
    Every international student who achieves a high distinction (above 85%) in their subject, receives the AUD1,000 tuition fee bursary award, ie. if a student completes 12 subjects with high distinctions, the student will receive AUD12,000*.

  • Choose to study at your own pace - fast track or standard duration
    The campus offers three start dates per year - March, July and November. This trimester system gives students the flexibility that some universities do not provide - ie. the option to complete their studies earlier or at a standard pace. For example, an undergraduate student can choose to complete their studies in two years (fast track) or three years (standard duration), and a postgraduate student can fast track a Master degree to complete in one year.

  • Joblinx
    This department specialises in providing students with the necessary assistance for finding part-time, volunteer, casual and graduate employment. Their service range from ensuring students' resumes are appropriate for the Australian job market, one on one interviews, guidance and feedback to improve employment prospectus, right through to making the interview appointments and liaising with prospective employers.

  • Internships
    Available to both undergraduate and master level students*, the internship is the perfect opportunity for students to put theory into practice. In their last trimester, students can replace one classroom based subject with 13 weeks of real industry experience. Students work with their host organisation on a project, and are marked according to their performance.

    Internships are a great way to build on employability skills such as communication, problem solving, self management and organisation.

  • Office of Learning Support
    This department provides academic support to all students through workshops and individual sessions. Types of support include help with assignment writing, lecture note taking, organisational skills, exam preparation, research skills and much more.

    This department also oversees the Student Mentoring Program, which involves current students assisting new students with settling into their new university environment at the start of their first trimester.

    * Conditions apply, as per the JCU Brisbane website.



























Location & Facilities

JCU Brisbane is conveniently located in the middle of Brisbane's central business district, giving students the option to travel to university by bus, train or ferry. The cost of living in Brisbane is approximately 30% cheaper in comparison to Sydney and Melbourne.


Brisbane is a vibrant destination offering visitors unique urban, natural, coastal and island experiences.  It is home to some of the most notable highlights, from the golden beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast to the lush green hinterland. The city also offers world class art galleries, a booming live music scene and a fabulous cafe culture.


The campus is a nine story building equipped with modern facilities, including wireless internet connection, available throughout all campus floors.  Lecture theatres, tutorial rooms and computer labs are equipped with the latest information technology.


Students have access to the Student Hub, an inviting space furnished with lounge style tables and seating, where students can gather for group discussions, or to simply unwind.


Additionally postgraduate students have access to the Master Lounge, a small and private study area with room for group meetings and discussion. Kitchen facilities are available for the students here.


All JCU Brisbane students have access to Joblinx, a recruitment consultancy service providing free training and employment assistance. Joblinx staff will assist students to find casual, part-time, volunteer and graduate employment. Joblinx staff source internships for eligible students and provide constant support if required.


The Office of Learning and Support is specifically dedicated to ensuring students get the most out of their studies. They offer one on one counselling, workshops and a range of study programs and offer support with the campuses resource centre of articles and research information.



























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Faculty of Law, Business and the Creative Arts
  • School of Business
    • Business
    • Accounting
    • Information Technology
    • International Tourism & Hospitality Management



























Courses Offered

Sr No JCU Course Code Level Name of the Program
1   Pathway

Diploma of Business

2   Pathway Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP) - Business
3 20510 UG

Bachelor of Business

4   UG

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

5   UG

Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

6   UG Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)
7   UG Bachelor of Business (International Business)
8   UG Bachelor of Business (Management & Entrepreneurship)
9   UG Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
10 24704 PG Master of Business Administration (MBA)
11   PG MBA (Accounting & Finance)
12 50304 PG Master of Information Technology (MIT)
13 50304A PG MIT (Extended)
14 25204 PG Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)
15 24604 PG Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (MITHM)
16 50504 PG MIT-MBA
17 50504A PG MIT (Extended) – MBA
19 25404 PG MPA-MBA
20 23506 PG Graduate Diploma in Accounting
21 24706 PG Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
22 50306 PG Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
23   PG Graduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management
24 23511 PG Graduate Certificate in Accounting
25 24711 PG Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
26 50311 PG Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
27 20511 PG Graduate Certificate in International Hospitality Management




























James Cook University Brisbane is offering a tuition fee bursary* worth AUD2,000 to all students who enrol in 2010. This is your opportunity to gain a high quality Australian degree or diploma and begin the journey towards your new career. Saving and studying could never have been easier!

Am I eligible?
If you are applying for any full JCU program offered at the Brisbane campus in 2010, you may automatically receive a bursary*.


What will I receive?

  • Package a 10 week or more BEEP program with a JCU Diploma of Business to receive a $A4,000 tuition fee bursary, or package with a full degree program to receive $A2,000 towards your tuition fees.

  • Enrol in the Diploma of Business and receive a AUD2,000 tuition fee bursary. Upgrade to a bachelor program to receive another AUD2,000. Continue on to a master program and receive an additional AUD2,000.
    Total bursary value worth up to AUD6,000.

  • A 24 subject Bachelor of Business will entitle you to a tuition fee bursary of AUD2,000.

  • Enrol in all eight subjects of a Graduate Diploma to receive a tuition fee bursary of AUD2,000.

  • A 12 subject master program will entitle you to receive a AUD2,000 tuition fee bursary.

* Bursaries are subject to conditions, as per the JCU Brisbane website.






























JCU Brisbane has three intakes every year – March, July and November.































Application Form

Click here to Download UG Application form

Click here to Download PG Application form





























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