United Kingdom, as an education destination has a rather long and illustrious history in India. Over the period, some of our most famous and important personalities have studied in the UK. For example our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, and several of his predecessors studied in UK. The tradition does continue, however you need not be an industry scion or from a political bent to be able to achieve this today. On introspecting as to why students have over the years chosen to study in UK we come across a long list of reasons. Primarily, the UK Education System has been the foundation for the Indian Education System. Therefore we have similar duration Bachelors Degrees of 3 or 4 years depending on the field of study. Most Masters Degrees in UK are of one year duration which is a great attraction to Indian students. After one completes their degree they are permitted by the UK Government to work in UK upto two years. Thus students can save a year of education by studying a one year masters and start earning a year earlier too. Moreover UK as an education hub being close to India, is almost like home away from home, specially with its vast resident Indian population. UK has about 250 plus universities and colleges which offer great infrastructure and create a vibrant learning environment. Over a quarter million students from all over the world are currently studying in UK. There are 29 universities in the top 200 of the Times Higher Education - QS World University Ranking for 2009. The British Government has a strict quality control to ensure world class education standards are met, thus resulting in an internationally acclaimed degree. One should prepare in advance and apply as early as possible to be eligible for admission to competitive programs in top institutions before they are full up. Popular fields of study are International Business, MBA, Engineering, Information Technology, Forensic Science, Fashion, Media, Communication, Tourism, Hospitality, Music etc. Students also opt for studying in UK because they are permitted to work for upto 20 hours part time per week off campus. They thus can earn about 5 pounds - 7 pounds per hour which helps in reducing their cost of study and giving them some valuable experience. Further students can work full time during vacations. Recently the British Government has streamlined the visa process to make it simple for international students to understand. The new Points Based System (PBS) requires for students to get a Certificate of Acceptance (CAS Certificate) to be issued by a licensed sponsor in the prescribed format. The student needs to get a total of 40 points to be eligible to get a visa and needs to have sufficient funds in a saving bank account for 28 days prior to visa application. Counsellors at Edwise have been trained by international delegates and travelled to UK and thus are experts to guide you with your choice of subject, match your academic credentials with the right institution and assist you with the process of making a perfect application. This quality counselling service has earned Edwise the distinguish status of ' Trusted Student Agent for the UK Border Agency in India'. Opting for education in UK is a wise decision that will stand you in good stead, not just in the beginning of your career, but throughout your life. Thus visit Edwise for a one stop solution for UK Education.
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