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Edwise - Leading Overseas Education Consultant guides you to study Engineering in Top Ranking Australian Universities in Melbourne with high rankings. We offer and recommend to Study Engineering courses in Australia University. Engineering Schools in Australia provide professional qualifications over a range of engineering specialisations. Australian engineering Universities are all regulated by the Institution of Engineers Australia, This professional body whose members are practising engineers and which is dedicated to establishing and maintaining the reputation and standing of engineers trained at Australian universities. It is for this reason that the Institute will only accredit an Australian university engineering course if it meets the highest standards of content, facilities, staff and above all quality of the graduates produced.

Edwise International assist and guide students in making their dream of Engineering in Australia come true. Enroll at any of our branches across India and get your queried on doing Engineering in Australia sorted with the guidance of our experienced Australian counselors.

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Engineering in Australia Engineering in Australia Engineering in Australia Engineering in Australia
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Engineering in Australia


Australian Industries work side to encourage and sustain the economic activity. The national income comes from industries like Education, Agriculture, Finance, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction, Business services, Technology, Tourism etc.

Work & Migration

Skilled - Graduate Visa is an 2 years visa given to students on completion of 2 years of Study in Australia. During this time the student can work full time, or improve their English to gain additional points for General Skilled Migrant Policy of PR Skilled Graduate Visa Holders can apply for any of the following visa categories within the 18 months duration.

  • Provisional Skilled - Regional sponsored visa (Subclass 487)
  • Permanent Skilled - Independent visa (Subclass 885)
  • Permanent Skilled - Sponsored Visa (Subclass 886)

Or they can also apply for an employer sponsored visa at any time.


Part Time Employment

Students can work up to 20 hours a week (anywhere) during course time and 40 hours per week full-time during vacation periods if they have been granted a work permit. On an average a student can earn around 12 AUD/hour. Casual Jobs are available (A$15-18 per hour) as PT work option.


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