World Wide Education Options Now is that right time if you want to endow yourself with higher international degree. There are a number of details you should consider, before you zero in on the country to embark for Higher Education , Studying abroad widens your horizons. A degree from an university abroad is a desirable qualification for your career prospects &, investing in education is the best thing you can do to secure your future. say education counselors at Edwise. So single out any country from some of the popular one's profiled below. Whats more is that Edwise has organized a World Education Fair where you can get first hand information, attend seminars and apply too, thus simplifying the process for you. UK where high quality education is the tradition, there are several incentives accessible for prospective international students. The biggest advantage is the 1yr. Master Degree or the 3 yrs. Bachelors' program which saves you time and money. What works in favour of UK is the acceptance of 15 yrs of Indian education & the opportunity to work up to 2 yrs after the completion of the course in UK. Meet Leading UK institutions like Manchester,Cardiff, Lancaster, Durham,GCU Essex, Liverpool,Nottingham,,Exeter,QueenMargaret,Bristol,Newcastle,,Stirling, St..Andrews & many more. US -the hub of inventions, is one of the most popular options for education due to its latest technologies and advancements. The USA education system is flexible in terms of choices of courses and offers vast wealth of job opportunities for aspiring student during/after their course. This is the ideal time to go for education as a fresh graduate as you can partake in the numerous Optional Practical Training (OPT) & internship opportunities which continue to be available in plenty in the US. Meet Leading US Institutions like Northeastern,George Mason,PittsburghState, Alfred, LongIsland,Woodbury,Oregon,USF, etc. Australia - the island country has lower tution fees & cost of living. The degrees are internationally recognized & offers opportunity to work 20 hrs. per week during study & full time during vacations. Permanent Residency options too are available. Meet Leading Austrailian Universities like Swinburne,Deakin,University of Newcastle, etc. New Zealand presents an advisable option if you are looking for quality education at an affordable price. Not only can you secure a degree of your choice at one of the eight state funded universities, but you also have the option of spouse visa, which entitles the spouse to work full-time in NZ. There are several polytechnics too that offer a wide spectrum of courses & options for permanent Residency too. Even the institutions in Countries like Singapore, France, Switzerland and Dubai offer plethora of courses in applied and pure sciences,engineering, MBA, business, finance, tourism, hospitality, computer etc. Choose the course, country & University of your choice by attending the WORLD EDUCATION FAIR.. Student queries about courses ,visa, loans etc. will be answered by the delegates.Some institutes also provide scholarships or spot admissions for complete applications.,. All these institutions have UG & PG courses available for the Sep 2010 intake as well as for Jan 2011. Some Institutions also offer application fee waivers & you could save upto Rs. 25000 on application costs & save time too. So visit your nearest Edwise office at least 2 weeks before the Fair to save time with your application & assure yourself an interview even if you are still awaiting your final marksheet.
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