If you are planning to study in USA be prepared to have an experience of a lifetime. USA is the land of opportunities, because of its cutting-edge technology, mega bucks and for life, as you want it to be. USA, an ideal destination for acquiring higher education, offers mind-boggling range of universities with a tremendously sophisticated and enlightening educational environment. Access to internationally renowned faculties makes USA world leaders. USA has about 4800 universities of higher learning wherein the scope range and the variety of the programmes are vast. The prime USP is the flexibility to select and/or change ones field of study. A recent survey ranks 35 American universities among the top 50 in the world. "A US education is like a coal mine investment which at the end yields you a high rate of profit." says Sudeep Menon, who has already started his application process to arm himself with a USA Masters in Atmospheric Science from the reputed Florida Institute of Technology through Edwise. It is not too late for the admissions for the Spring 2010 (January) intake and a good time for starting applications to Fall 2010 (September) intake. An early application will help students to bag most of the scholarships available, which universities offer to lure talent and brains. It is a good time to visit your counselor to initiate this process. If you have the opinion that USA education is not affordable, give a second thought to it. Tuition fees, accommodation options and financial help from the institutions in the form of scholarships, fee waivers etc are available. There are work opportunities on campus available during the semester for students. On completion of the course, students have the authorization to work for 12 months to 29 months known as OPT (Optional Practical Training) depending on their field of study. With the economy swinging back, a degree from the US will give you an edge over the other students and help you to bag the best jobs available in the market. Good job opportunities will be available to students particularly with degrees in healthcare, teaching, art, music, literature, business, finance, hotel management, accounting, technology, engineering, mathematics, etc as these are field with great demand in a recovering economy. Even after this if, your vote is not casts for USA education, here is the clincher. Some universities in USA have started accepting 15 years of education over 16 years. These universities accept 15 years for study in the field of Business, Hotel Management, Psychology, Computer Science, etc. This not only benefits the student by saving time but also helps them start earning early. To get details on universities that accept 15 years of education you should approach Edwise. Head to USA and harvest the best crop of the on going economic upswing. Edwise is always there to give your Education a Global Vision and now it is a USA vision.
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